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Martin Laban

Finally, I GOT IT ! 10/12

2094 days 1 hours 14 minutes ago

Marijana Smolcec

Yes finally 8/12 - A tricky quiz, but a great webinar! I did all the quizes in my 1st attempt, and mostly got 10 or 11, but it took me 4 times to get 8/12 in this one. Some questions seem easy and I understood them to be correct, but it seems they aren't, but it's ok! I finally passed :) me happy :)))

2096 days 7 hours 9 minutes ago

Samir Saaad

Quiz done! 10/12 in the 3rd attempt!

2101 days 21 hours 7 minutes ago

Amandeep Singh

8/12 at last.......

2113 days 13 hours 49 minutes ago

Judith Yoana Moya Mosquera

after some attempts, I got 9/12. As I didn't take the quiz after the presentation, I needed to check the session again.

2115 days 18 hours 30 minutes ago

Seew Prakash

8/12 ok.

2121 days 22 hours 54 minutes ago

Eneida Soares Coaracy

8/12. I think this is ok since the sound wasn't very good and, unfortunately, I missed several parts in this interesting presentation.

2124 days 19 hours 8 minutes ago

Jafar Dorri

I got 8 out of 12 and also learned a lot from their session... Thank you Mike and Ann to be creative and sharing....

2126 days 20 hours 3 minutes ago

Queralt Comellas Angeles

Is it me, or is there one question where NON of the options responds to the question? :P

2129 days 19 hours 54 minutes ago

Fani Kefou

9/10 after much effort due to difficulty in listening to video, I guess!!!!!!!!!

2130 days 4 hours 25 minutes ago

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