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Charles Hareford

Well, I got 5 out of 12 on the first attempt. Not bad, considering there was no material to read over first.

2020 days 54 minutes ago

Juan Carlos Hernandez

where is the session? I can only see the test.

2443 days 20 hours 19 minutes ago

Judith Yoana Moya Mosquera

first attempt 10/12. This was a great session. You don't how much it meant to me. Thank you so much. I look forward taking risks, doing my best, making efforts and be as successful as I can.

2454 days 20 hours 1 minutes ago

Sue Sue

First attempt 11/12 wow !!!!!
Great session Theodora !!! :-)

2455 days 6 hours 22 minutes ago

Effie Boziou

Amazing session Theodora!!!High quality psychotherapy!!!!

2470 days 12 hours 44 minutes ago

Samir Saaad

Quiz completed!

2471 days 5 hours 42 minutes ago

Zahra Zargaran

I got 9 out of 12, not bad as I tried the test after watching the session a week ago or so

2472 days 16 hours 58 minutes ago

sue annan

Happy to get 12/12

2478 days 52 minutes ago

Fani Kefou

wow...first 10/12....after some days i remembered more things 12/12

2478 days 4 hours 12 minutes ago

Jafar Dorri

Hello... I got 9 out 12....

2478 days 12 hours 12 minutes ago

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