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Jasmine Melania

10/10 !!!!! I need to do a B1 where can I find it ?

13 days 4 hours 9 minutes ago

Doy Dararoth

10/10 rank 1st yay!

1403 days 20 hours 59 minutes ago

Andonia Konstantina

7/10 :d

1782 days 13 hours 33 minutes ago

Larry Broadhurst

10/10 first on to the last one!!!

1795 days 17 hours 38 minutes ago


Laura, can't do test voc 2. Receive this:
" You are not authorized to view this test. Sign in with a valid email address, or request for author’s permission to access the test. "
I've signed in, authorized. Can u let me access the test?
Thank u

1914 days 21 hours 58 minutes ago

Laura Beth Hattersley

View the Powerpoint presentation for this test by going here:

1921 days 19 hours 57 minutes ago

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