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roberta nobili

Well, the quiz is just as full of creativity as you are, Jason! thanks a lot! (my score 10/12 first attempt)

2242 days 10 hours 52 minutes ago

Subba Rao G V

Completed the quiz successfully. Quiet tricky but very practical and informative. Scored 9/12. Thanks a lot Jase. Prof.Subba Rao, Pune, India.

2243 days 18 hours 26 minutes ago

Vyara Daskalova

Thank you Jason, for the interesting session on using VC in WizIQ! It's always great to learn from experts like you and compare to the experience of other colleagues. Even after more than 4 years of teaching in different VCs I still feel that there's an ocean of knowledge to get.

2245 days 22 hours 11 minutes ago

Rosa Maria Hernandez

Thank you Jason, it is always a relief to see that I am not the only one struggling with technology. Best regards and many blessings.

2248 days 11 hours 35 minutes ago

Susie Sullivan

Great class, fun quiz. Looking forward to actually engaging students in the WizIq VC...after I go get some tender chicken!

2251 days 13 hours 17 minutes ago

Samir Saaad

Quiz completed!

2258 days 14 hours 7 minutes ago

Fluency MC

Nope, that's enough, Taha!

2264 days 5 hours 14 minutes ago

Taha La

Jason, when I did the week1 test (Vicki Hollett) n answered 8 questions but my score is 7. Is this result enough to get the certificate or do I have to redo this test? Thank u

2264 days 8 hours 39 minutes ago

Adejare Amoo

Congrats, Seew

2269 days 14 hours 26 minutes ago

Seew Prakash

just done another one ... got a 12/12 .. seceral

2269 days 15 hours 10 minutes ago

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