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Subba Rao G V

Quiz completed successfully. Scored 9/12. Good information about ITDI. Prof.Subba Rao, Pune, india

2854 days 11 hours 18 minutes ago

Amandeep Singh

10/12.. my score..and happy i m..

2861 days 14 hours 19 minutes ago

Samir Saaad

Done 12/12. Great!

2874 days 12 hours 28 minutes ago

Zareen Kamran

I got 9/12.

2882 days 21 hours 35 minutes ago

Teresa Moore

Quiz Completed

2889 days 8 hours 14 minutes ago

Seew Prakash

gotr a 8... I am very sleepy. t bed now... tks.

2889 days 22 hours 10 minutes ago

Irina Ostapchuk

Quiz is done) 9 correct answers. I have to go now, maybe I`ll reattempt the test when I come home

2890 days 9 hours 45 minutes ago

Fluency MC

Lidia, we're trying to make this an option. Right now, the only way to see them is to also see all of the correct answers (and I want you to have the option of taking the test multiple times).

2890 days 16 hours 46 minutes ago

Lidia Miller

I'd like to see my mistakes. Thank you!!

2890 days 17 hours 45 minutes ago

Nora Choperena

Interesting questions about ITDI and Tesol. The English Teaching community around the world really appreciates this effort. Without gov funds!! I think I´ll become a ITDI mentor

2891 days 5 hours 58 minutes ago

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