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Which one of the following leadership styles was identified by the Michigan University Leadership Studies as the most effective leadership style?
Democratic style leadership
Employee-centred leadership
Participative group leadership
Team leadership
Who among the following has observed that instead of hierarchy of needs, motivation should be understood in terms of series of needs?
Chester Barnard
David McClelland
Abraham Maslow
Warren Bennis
According to Frederick Herzberg, the determinants of job dissatisfaction include
working conditions
2. supervision
3. salary
4. responsibility
1 & 3
Which one of the following shows the correct sequence of the four basic steps A the position classification plan
Job analysis-Grouping of positions-Standardization-Position allocation
Standardization-Job analysis-Grouping of positions-Position allocation
Grouping of positions-Job analysis-Position allocation-Standardization
Job analysis-Grouping of positions-Position allocation-Standardization
According to W. F. Willoughby, which of the following are correct about the essentials of a sound promotion system? 1
. Adoption of standard specifications setting forth the duties and qualifications required for all positions in a government service
2. Classification of all positions into distinct classes, grades and services based on duty classification
3. The inclusion within this classification of all administrative positions except those having a political character
Which of the following schc has / have not laid any maj emphasis on administrative ethi
Paul Appleby
Frederick Mosher
David Osborne and Gaebler
Which of the following was identified by the Santhar Committee as a major cause corruption in India?
Administrative delays
Scope for personnel discreet in the exercise of powers
Cumbersome procedures
Absence of regulate functions of the government
By which one of the following Acts, are the political activities of civil servants in the USA regulated?
The Hatch Act of 1939
The Civil Service Act of 1883
The Ramspeck Act of 1940
The Taft-Hartiey Act of 1947
The office of the Ombudsman like institution in the form of Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration in the United Kingdom was set up on the recommendations of which one of the following Reports?
Sir John Whyatt Report
Northcote-Trevelyan Report
Fulton Report
Aitchison Report
Which one of the following statements in respect of the French Civil Service is NOT correct?
ENA is concerned with the training of technical personnel
Basic unit of organization of the civil service is called Corps
French Civil Service is elitist
Civil servants are allowed to take leave and contest for political offices
Which of the following It government units are prevaleni France?
1. Departement
2. Arrondissement
3. Canton
4. Commune
1. Find out the correct statement about Jagadish Chandra Bose
1. His work on Mimosa & Desmodium helped establish that plants respond to stress & stimuli much the same way animals do
2. He explained why lotus opens its petals at Sunrise
3. He was the 3rd Indian to be elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1920
4. Bose Institute in Kolkatta was created in 1917
Find out the correct statement:
1. CARICOM is a union of 15 Caribbean countries
It recent summit was held in Santiago
Find out the correct statement:
1. The capital of Greece is Athens
2. Its Prime Minister it Costas Karamanlis
Find out the correct statement:
1. Elsevier is the world’s trading research publisher of scientific information
2. Scopus young Indian scientific Award is given by Elsevier
Tortham is the main crossing point between
India & Pakistan
Pakistan & Afghanistan
Afghanistan & Iran
Iran & Iraq
Bilal Container terminal is in
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Peter Chan is a famous
Find out the correct statement:
1. French 1st laday Carla Brunia Sarkosi as a famous actor & singer
2. She is the 1st ambassador to the Geneva based Global Fund to fight AIDS, T.B & Malaria
Which of the following cities recently affected by Terrorist attack?
1. Jaipur
2. Delhi
3. Mumbai
4. Bangalore
Find out the correct statement:
1. Convention on cluster ammunition was signed in Norway
. It banned the production, transfer, stockpiling & use of cluster bombs.
3. Laos is the most affected country by cluster bomb
Annual Bilateral Defence Dialogue between India & China started in
Find out the correct statement:
1. AES-2006 is a nuclear power plant
2. It is the advance version of the VVER-1000
3. It will withstand an earthquakes measuring 7 on the Richter scale
Who is the head of Nuclear power corporation of India Ltd?
Sivathanu Pillai
Madavan Nair
S.K. Jain
Kasturi Rangan
Find out the correct statement:
1. France will India to build 2000mw light water reactor
2. Areva of France will help India to build it in Jaitpur in Maharashtra


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