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Ekaterina Bukhteyeva

I passed the quiiz and collected all necessary information on 12th of August. And I could say it woth using!!!!

2192 days 15 hours 53 minutes ago

Kerstin Hendriks

Quiz completed, finally!

2193 days 3 hours 13 minutes ago

Mary Chaparro

Quiz completed

2219 days 1 hours 25 minutes ago

Naseem Wanas

I want to ask about the passing grade on each quiz I did. When will you send it?

2220 days 17 hours 2 minutes ago

Martha Strey

Thank you for the encouragement to teach online.

2233 days 15 hours 1 minutes ago

Aycan Tuncay

Great questions!

2238 days 7 hours 18 minutes ago

Mamadou Dia Bodian

it's a great pleasure for me to attain 8/12 questions. I hope success to others attendees. And thanks to Askey for his interesting class

2239 days 5 hours 11 minutes ago

Victoria Albanese

I thought the class was about marketing but the test seemed to be about Jack!

2239 days 20 hours 39 minutes ago


I wasn't able to attend the class. Is there a link to watch/listen to a recording of it? Thank you.

2239 days 21 hours 27 minutes ago

María Cecilia Carattoli

Very useful quiz, it helped me to focus on the essential concepts about Jack's presentation. I got 9.5! :) Pretty good for my first test!

2241 days 14 hours 31 minutes ago

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