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Jokha Al Hosni

Finally got 9.5!

2171 days 13 hours 7 minutes ago

Amandeep Singh

8/12... at last

2206 days 3 hours 34 minutes ago

Adejare Amoo

At last I got 8 questions correct in this test, after many attempts Repetition aids memory. So I have learnt more through repeating the test.

2212 days 14 hours 18 minutes ago

Jennifer Bitman

This was informative. I watched it a while ago and completed the quiz.

2229 days 17 hours 24 minutes ago

Silvia Coso

Adejare, you can find all the links to the chats in this doc, curated by Thomas Hodgers:

2230 days 21 hours 10 minutes ago

Adejare Amoo

Jase, give me the link to the chat for this class, please.

2231 days 8 hours 40 minutes ago

Larry Broadhurst

Hi Jase...I did finally score an 8 out of the 12 questions on Vicki Hollett's questionnaire, but it shows 8 out of 12, but the final score shows a 7. This is embarrassing since it took me 4 times to get that score. Does the number of times tried, count against me. When you finish the 12 questions, does that sent the results to you? Let me know if I shoulSee more

2240 days 14 hours ago

Katie Burgess

Hey Everyone, I need help with my video making, please! I downloaded the youtube converter but when I try to convert, it asks for the latest version and I am unable to do that -maybe bc I'm in China?- Anyway, can anyone help me how to use a you
tube video ? I already made a comprehension quiz following the clip.
thank you!

2240 days 17 hours 42 minutes ago

Seew Prakash

This is a challenging and a good one to boost our teaching. I've been wondering about how to make videos. Now I know it is so simple... thanks Vicki, Jase and all others...

2240 days 19 hours 57 minutes ago

Katya Klimenkova

Jase, I just mean that i can't find this information (my test results) later on. Thanks for the answer.

2240 days 21 hours 14 minutes ago

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