XII_Physics_Current Electricity_7 Online Test

Electric potential is ____.
a scalar quantity
a vector quantity
neither scalar nor vector
sometimes scalar and sometimes vector
Effective resistance of a circuit containing resistances in parallel is ____.
equal to the sum of the individual resistances
smaller than any of the individual resistances
greater than any of the individual resistances
sometimes greater and sometimes smaller than the individual resistances
A suitable unit for expressing electric field strength is ____.
When there is an electric current through a conducting wire along its length then an electric field must exist ____.
inside the wire but normal to it
inside the wire but parallel to it
outside the wire but normal to it
outside the wire but parallel to it
What is immaterial for an electric fuse wire?
Its specific resistance
Its radius
Its length
Current flowing through it
Reciprocal of resistivity of a conductor is ____.
None of the above
With rises in temperature the resistance of germanium ____.
remains the same
first increases and decreases
Unit of conductance can’t be expressed in ____.
ohm m-1
The plates of a capacitor are charged to a potential difference of 100V and are then connected across a resistor. The p.d across the capacitor decays exponentially with time After 1 s the potential difference between the plates of the capacitor is 80 volt. What is the fraction of the stored energy which has been dissipated?
In the Bohr’s model of hydrogen atom, the electron moves around the nucleus in a circular orbit of radius 5x 10-11 meters. If its time period is 1.2 x 10-16 s, then current associated with the electron motion is ____,
1.6 x 10-19 A
0.17 A
1.07 X 10-3 A

This test consist of 10 questions.Students should ideally take 10 minutes to complete the test. This test is useful for those students who are preparing for IIT JEE, AIEEE or any other engineering entrance test. This test consist of questions from Current Electricity and which, in general, is focused in AIEEE and IIT JEE. In this chapter, Cells, emf and internal resistance are key topic and mostly application based questions are asked.

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