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Bryan Beaton

A buffet indeed - not only of apps and ideas for using them, but also of quotes and of your own varied reminders about the essence of our being as 'teachers'. If you don't directly inspire one million learners, those of us whom you've inspired will "carry the torch" for you, and you'll exceed that target indirectly.

2752 days 5 hours 25 minutes ago

Jokha Al Hosni

Love shelly's presentations:)

2849 days 12 hours 4 minutes ago

Susan Daley

Shelley is so full of life and gave us so much of herself in the presentation, a natural, really engaging and lots of tips and ideas to try out.

2854 days 1 hours 31 minutes ago

roberta nobili

the lesson was fantastic and the presenter very clear and a great communicator, very inspiring indeed. I completed the test, correct answers:12/12. Thanks!

2855 days 22 hours 11 minutes ago

Rosa Maria Hernandez

Excellent presentation. Very motivating. I am willing to try all the links Shelley suggested. I expect to improve my performance so my students get the most out of the learning process. Thank you for the opportunity. Blessings.

2864 days 22 hours 15 minutes ago

Lena Yeremyan

The lesson was interesting. I completed the test and shared it. Correct answers: 12/12
Score: 12

2880 days 13 hours 25 minutes ago

Sal Castronovo

Interesting questions, and this is the beginning of my 'online' teaching presence I guess.

2880 days 22 hours 42 minutes ago

Lena Yeremyan

I would like to know where to find the test results after completing and sharing. I have already done three tests but I can't see where they are now.

2882 days 2 hours 27 minutes ago



2883 days 9 hours 25 minutes ago

Trish Torline

Enjoyed Shelly's presentation. Now ... where to start ...

2888 days 3 hours 32 minutes ago

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