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economics explains basically about
by using unlimited resources fulfill limited wants
by using limited resources fulfill unlimited wants
about resources allocation
about politics in society
which of the following item fall under the net national product at factor cost
net income from foriegn economies
interest on national loans
net indirect taxes
capital gains
what do you mean by GNP
national product produced within in the nation plus net factor income from abroad
product produced within the nation plus taxes
product produced within the nation plus indirect taxes
product produced outside the coutnry
what is meant by GDP
national income from outside the coutnry
national income from the coutnry
national income from agriculture sector only
national income from industrial sector only
what is personal income
personal income minus taxes
personal income plus transper payments
personal income plus taxes
income from different sources
which one is not considered as one of the problems in estamation of national income
problem of exclusion and inclusion
double counting
improper accounts
differences in individual income levels
define per capita income
real national inocme by working population
real national income by population
real national inocme by number of labourers
real national income by women population
what is double counting in national income
counting of product at the final stage
counting of product in real terms
counting of product more by than two times
counting of product both as produce and factor payments
income received by factors of production known as
personal disposable income
personal income
national income
net national income
what is depreciation
closure of plant due labour strike
closure of plant due to lockout
wear and tear over a period of time
closure of fplant due to fire or accident
difference between gross nationa product and net national product
indirect taxes
which one of the following is come under the transfer payments
lncome received by housewife
income spent on elders
all of the above
expenditure on children
major part of national produce used for the purpose of
personal consumption
goveernment consumption
expenditure on defence is fall under
government investment
private investment
government purpose
private consumption
which one of the following is not fall under government expenditure
expenditure on health
transfer payments
expenditure on education
expenditure on general administration
in which of the following the depreciation clearly visible
consumer goods
capital goods
final goods


Economics is an important subject in social sciences. it plays a crucial role in policy decissions of the governemnt such as monetary and fiscal policy.


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