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Sinta Dewi R Siregar

I never thought a test about enrolment would be coming. I think that's why the average score is so low. Nobody expected the test.. :)

2396 days 15 hours 36 minutes ago

Kirti Agarwal

I find the course very interesting. Really look forward to the next weeks content.

2441 days 14 hours 39 minutes ago

Nadia Jehanzeb

dear mr jason as my all nine questions are correct,and was confused on the last one which i missed,i tried all 3 answers one after an other and the result is all 3 wrong answers,that means one among the 10 questions have all 3 wrong its not possible to get full one of my friend who got 8.75 due to that one wrong answer has the highest marSee more

2879 days 20 hours 37 minutes ago

Nadia Jehanzeb

i tried and tried and tried hoping to get full marks , and got 9 marks,still am confused on one question so left it un attended so not to lose marks, really want to get full marks will still try try again.motivation for all can also do it girls and boys..........................never to lose hope;;;;;;;;;

2879 days 20 hours 52 minutes ago

Adejare Amoo

Great Hassan. Take more courage and patience. "Repetition aids memory" Try and try and try again, you'll succeed at last.

2880 days 22 hours 11 minutes ago

Hassan Hassan

I am getting depressed over here! I have done several attempts, changing answers, and I still cannot get more than 7 ! OMG feels terrible :)

2880 days 23 hours 56 minutes ago

Martha Strey

Looking forward to learning through this process.

2882 days 14 hours 58 minutes ago

Zareen Kamran

Jason, I am a teacher trainer and like to give motivational talks. I have been doing it f 2 f.I am very keen to do it online but don't know where to start ? If you could help!

2883 days 3 hours 24 minutes ago

Fluency MC

Unfortunatley at this time we cannot show you which answers you got wrong without revealing all of the correct answers. The engineering team at WizIQ is working on implementing this feature soon.

2885 days 3 hours 11 minutes ago

Zareen Kamran

how do I know the right answers ?

2885 days 3 hours 30 minutes ago

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