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What is the answer of first question ?

1985 days 23 hours 45 minutes ago

Umme Aiyman

whats the answer for last qs?

2087 days 11 hours 15 minutes ago

Faisal Saleh Raza

Thank you sir for this quizz

2195 days 8 hours 59 minutes ago

Ian Paul

The punctuation question is somewhat confusing from a student's perspective in that the colon really distracts. It would work without the colon in the set of symbols.

2220 days 2 hours 43 minutes ago


we welcome the God almighty find adjective

2221 days 47 minutes ago

Yasmita Purohit - Joshi

The first question did not have a sentence

2221 days 5 hours 13 minutes ago

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