physics test

net magnetic flux through a closed surface is

a spherical droplet having potential 2.5V is obtained as a result of merging 125 identical droplets find potential of each droplet

if excess of pressure inside a soap bubble is balanced by an oil coloumn of height 2mm then surface tension of soap solution is

radius of oil column = 1cm

density of oil is 0.8g/cc

moment of inertia of circular disc about diameter is I moment of inertia about an axis perpendicular to its plane and passing through its rim

a projectile is thrown upwards direction making 60 with horizontal with velocity of 147m/s the time after which its velocity is 45 with horizontal

a conducting hollow sphere has of radius R and charge Q have electric field at centre is

mass m is supported by massless string wound around a uniform hollow cylinder of mass m and radius R what is acc of mass while falling

from top of tower of height H a particle is thrown upwards with velocity u the timr taken by particle to hit ground is n times that time taken by it to reach the highest point the relation between H u and n is

a block of mass M is to be placed on vertical surface having coefficient of friction 0.5 having cross section

y=x3(x cube)/6 what is height at which it can be raised

an earthquake generates both transverse(S) and longitudnal(P) waves the spees of S is about 4.5 km/s and p waves has speed of 6 km/s the first (P) wave arrives 4 min before (S) the epicentre of earthquake is located at distance of

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aipmt aiims and other pmt level physics test based on various topics studied under physics of class 11 and 12 test various reference books is mainly ncert and objective physics books like GRB objective physics volume 1 and 2 and mock tests on various websites and this test will also help to allow you where you stand and understanding of various concepts of physics


Muhammad Arbaz Khalid

es BAr To Allah he Hafiz ha

2331 days 1 hours 33 minutes ago


good test but you need to improve the quality of language and sort your spellings out.

2359 days 2 hours 5 minutes ago


please give the explanation for the questions as will really be helpful for us....thank u!!

2614 days 1 hours 10 minutes ago

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