IIT JEE / PMT Test Series : Module 9 : +1 Physics : Waves & Oscillations

Normal type of MCQ with one correct option A stone hangs from the free end of a sonometer wire whose vibrating length, when tuned to a tuning fork, is 40 cm. when the stone hangs wholly immersed in water, the resonnat length is reduced to 30 cm. The relative density of the stone is
1 cm s(1
10 cm s(1
( cm s(1
10 ( cm s(1
25 cm, 75 cm
20 cm, 80 cm
15 cm, 85 cm
17 cm, 83 cm
A,B & C
Y=A sin((t-kx)
Y=-A sin((t+kx)
Y=-A sin((t+kx)
Y=A sin((t-kx+()
Both (a) and (b)
Neither (a) nor (b)
Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation of A
Both A and R are true and R is not correct explanation of A
A is true, R is false
A is false, R is true

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