IIT JEE / PMT Test Series : Module 7 : +1 : Physics : Gravitation

A-Q, C-P, B-S, D-R
A-Q, B-P, D-S, C-R
B-Q, A-P, C-S, D-R
A-Q, B-P, C-S, D-R
Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation of A
Both A and R are true and R is not correct explanation of A
A is true, R is false
A is false, R is true
8 newton/kg
4 newton/kg
6 newton/kg
2 newton/kg
Comprehension Gravitational force is a conservative and medium independent force. Its nature is attractive. Gravitational field intensity and gravitational potential gives information about gravitational field in vector and scalar form respectively. Actually gravitational field intensity is equal to the negative of the potential gradient. Potential energy is defined for only conservative force. It is also equal to the energy in escaping condition. Gravitational potential is either negative or zero but can positive due to attractive nature of gravitational force. The gravitational potential inside a hollow sphere (mass M, radius R) at a distance r from the centre is
(3 J/kg
(2 J/kg
(5 J/kg
(7 Joule/kg
A,B & D
Normal type of MCQ with one correct option Four particles of equal mass M move along a circle of radius R under the action of their mutual gravitational attraction. The speed of each particle is:
Normal type of MCQ with one correct option Rate of change of weight near the earth’s surface with height h is
Normal type of MCQ with one correct option Three uniform sphere of mass M and radius R each kept in such a way that each touches the other two. The magnitude of gravitational force on any of the spheres due to other two is

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