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P. Assume Westward Chemicals, based in the U.S., owns 100/0 in a subsidiary in France. When Westward Chemicals sells products to that subsidiary in France, which of the following is a true statement?

P. A company that has imported products into the U.S. and later exports _________ of those products to another country is generally able to have __________ of the import duty refunded on the imported products.

P. The PIERS database is useful for:

P. A company seeking information on the credit worthiness of a foreign buyer would best seek the services of:

P. A bill of lading can act as both a ____________, and a _____________:

P. The use of marginal pricing to set international prices:

P. In determining if a product qualifies as originating in a NAFTA country, the profit made by

the exporter, as defined by the invoice price less the cost of materials:

P. ) A company wants pre-export financing of $750,000. Which agency would be the most


P. A U.S. company needs to determine if its commercial invoice should be translated into

Spanish when shipping to Cost Rica? Which resource may be helpful?

P. A company in the U.K. wishes to quote selling terms in which the buyer pays all freight

and the seller clears to good for export. The U.K. company's warehouse is located in London and

the nearest ocean port is Southampton. How should the freight term be quoted in the sales


P. To find the trade statistics between Argentina and Australia, which of the following would

be most useful:

P. In a non-confirmed Letter of Credit, the risk of non-payment to the exporter is with:

P. As a company considers whether to enter a particular country, the level of enforcement (or

lack thereof) of intellectual property rights within a specific country would be classified as:

P. Which US agency enforces trade embargoes?

P. A company conducts a consumer focus group in a potential foreign market to gain

insights into the consumers' opinion of what does "a successful life" mean in their culture. This

is an example of:

P. An infrequent exporter is experiencing particularly high freight costs when exporting

products by air freight and contracting the freight directly with air carriers. As a possible

solution, they should:

P. If a company is not comfortable with the risk associated with the foreign bank issuing a

Letter of Credit, they would ask for their local bank to:

P. In a U.S. balance sheet, which of the following is true:

P. Assume there are two possible Harmonized Code classification headings for a particular

product, and both seem equally plausible. What should be done next?

P. When is the Electronic Export Information filing required?

P. A company is considering its foreign partner options. Ideally the foreign partner will need

to inventory the product in quantity to be sold later in smaller quantities. This likely means which

type of foreign partner would be used?

P. A company is seeking financing for assets to be purchased for an overseas subsidiary.

Which agency would be the most appropriate?

P. A restaurant chain is seeking to expand internationally, but does not want to have the risk

of owning any foreign assets. Which entry mode would most need their needs?

P. To gain insight on tips for U.S. companies selling products or services into a particular

foreign country, a U.S. company should research which resource?

P. A typical global business plan would include which of the following:

P. The Gold Key service offered by the U.S. Commerce Department is useful for:

P. The tariff applied to any product imported into the United States is determined by its:

P. A company wants to insure against the risk associated with the non-payment of a foreign

receivable. Which agency would be the most appropriate?

P. A key feature of a futures contract versus a forward contract is that the futures contract can be:

P. The payment method is generally more secure for the seller than:

P. A Brazilian company filed and received a Brazilian patent against a particular technology it created. Without any further action or filings, which of the following is true?

P. The CE Mark is a:

P. Which entity offers rules and guidelines often used for Letters of Credit?

P. Gray marketing is:

P. The Harmonized Code system is harmonized globally:

P. A key advantage to free trade agreements such as NAFTA and MERCOSUR is:

P. High context refers to societies or groups where people:

P. An ethnocentric manager is likely to implement management decisions that:

P. When a government takes control (ownership) of private property, it is known as:

P. If an export license for a particular product is not required:

P. A U.S. company manufacturers chairs. It has been asked by the U.S. army to modify the chairs for use in some U.S. Army tanks. It later exports these modified chairs to a private buyer in France. Which of the following is a true statement:

P. Kompass is a database that is helpful to:

P. Which financial report shows retained earnings?

P. The Hannover Trade Fair offers a chance for companies across a wide variety of industries to exhibit. This type of event is a(n):

P. The NAFTA Trade Agreement often has a tariff shift requirement in order for a good to qualify for preferential treatment. However, it may also require in addition to, or instead of tariff shift, which of the following:

P. A shipper has been notified that due to inaccurate documentation for hazardous material contain in a shipment, the unloading of the cargo in the foreign port may be delayed. The shipper Will naturally work fast to provide the documentation so as to hopefully avoid which extra fee?

P. Assume a Letter of Credit in the amount of US$IO,OOO is issued in France and states that all charges outside of France are for account of the beneficiary. It is reasonable that the cost of the Letter of Credit to the applicant is:

P. A seller has offered its foreign buyer payment terms of documentary collection. It would be important the sight draft be:

P. A potential benefit to an importer of the C-TPAT program is to:

P. A company in the U.K. sells a product to a company in Australia with no sales contract — only using an invoice, A dispute arises between the buyer and the seller regarding the terms of sale. As possible recourse, the parties should refer to the

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