CGBP International Marketing Online Test

M. Which of the following would be the most critical knowledge for a software company before it launches an

international sales campaign?

M. Which of the following is likely a horizontal trade show?

M. Which of the following would be a common element found in most distributor agreements?

M. The tariff on goods entering a country are calculated off the:

M. A country's use of quotas is an example of:

M. A company has received a purchase order from a known buyer. The logical next step would be to:

M. Which of the following, if not obtained, is a possible reason for exclusion selling to the European market?

M. Which of the following government resources would be appropriate to pre- arrange meetings with potential

foreign buyers?

M. Which of the following is a resource to verify to learn best prospects for American products in foreign


M. If a company charges different prices for the same product in different foreign markets, it may be

encouraging one of the following market conditions for its product:

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