CGBP Logistics Online Test

L. Shipper's Export Declarations filed through AES Direct are required for:

L. If required, an Export License is usually initiated by the:

L. A Purchase Order created by an international buyer is:

L. By obtaining a Certificate of Origin, Importers may:

L. Most of the commercial documents used in international transactions are created by:

L. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is responsible for inspecting and


L. The simplest method of obtaining a Consular Invoice is to:

L. A Packing List is used to:

L. The Commercial Invoice is considered the:

L. NAFTA Certificates of Origin are required for shipments of goods originating & shipping between:

L. A commercial invoice must be signed by the:

L. A Certificate Of Origin must be certified by:

L. Shipper's Export Declarations must be filed:

L. Export shipments to Canada:

L. Schedule B export codes are created and regulated by:

L. To file the SED on behalf of the Exporter, the Freight Forwarder must receive:

L. SED's are filed using:

L. The ultimate consignee is the individual or company that will:

L. USPP1 stands for:

L. A Packing List should be attached to the outside of:

L. US Export Compliance was established to control:

L. US Export controls focus on three areas including:

L. To apply for a U.S. validated export license the exporter must register and use:

L. The majority of products exported from the U.S. are shipped under the general license:

L. Export Administration Regulations are enforced by the U.S.___________:

L. Companies and individuals found guilty of violating US Export Administration Regulations are placed on the:

L. A product or service requiring a validated export license will be classified using the:

L. U.S. validated export licenses are good for:

L. It is the responsibility of the US exporter to comply with US export regulations and therefore the law requires that the exporter conduct sufficient _______________ overseas customers.

L. The documents required for every U.S. import and export are the:

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