Test 11th (Accountancy)

According to Consistency Concept:

According to Accrual Concept :

According to Going concern concept

According to the Cost Concept

According to the Money Measurement Concept

According to the Business Entity Concept

Which of the following is not a long-term liability ?

Which of the following is not a fixed asset:

Which of the following is not a business transaction:

Bank OverDraft is

The amount invested by the proprietor in a business is called

A liability arises because of

Purchase refers to buying of

A person to whom money is owed by a firm is called

A person who owes money to a firm is called a

Which of the following is not an internal user of financial statements ?

Which of the following is/are a sub-field[s] of accounting ?

Cost Accounting is related to

The basic function of financial accounting is to :

Which is the last step of accounting as a process of information:

Which is the first step of accounting process:

Which qualitative characteristic of accounting information is reflected when accounting information is clearly presented:

Book keeping is mainly concerned with





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