MATLAB Basics Online Test

What does n indicate in the "polyfit (x, y, n)" command in MATLAB ?

a = 0.5

b = 1.33

Which format prints the output of a/b as "50/133"

In MATLAB programming, comments are denoted by using

If given vector is:

A = linspace ( 1, 10, 5)

Then, which command can be used to list all elements of A as a column vector ?

What is the difference between array product and matric product

What is the purpose of functions such as "trapz", "quad" in MATLAB ?

What is the difference between "rand" and "randn" commands ?

What is the difference between the "numel" and "length" commands ?

What does it mean by "underdetermined" system of algebraic equations ?

What are the methods of calculating integration of (cos^3(x)*sin^5(x) ) in the range of 0 to pi/2


MATLAB basics such as, arrays, matrices, matrix computation, loops, statistics and probability, algebraic equations solving, limits, integrations, derivatives, plots, curve fitting, special functions. This test will help to get started what you have learnt so far about MATLAB and help you use it in your day to day life to solve complex mathematical and logical problems. This wll make one realise how powerful MATLAB software and its toolboxes can be to use them in modern physics, controls theory and complex engineering applications.

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