molecular basis of inheritance Online Test

Ques1.Jumping genes given by Barbara Mclintock are also called.

Ques2.Dna polymerases are generally used in DNA replication

Ques3.Nitrogenous base sequence in one strand of DNA is ATGCTTGA, the sequence in the complementary strand will be

Ques4.That the mode of DNA replication is semiconservative was demonstrated by

Ques5.The basis of DNA fingerprinting is

Ques6.Which of the following be named for DNA produced from RNA?

Ques7.tRNA consisting of three unpaired bases constitute

Ques8.Hargobind Khorana got noble prize for

Ques9.Initiator codon in eukaryotes is

Ques10.The number of stop codons which do not code for any amino acid is



answers are wrong dont go for the judgement given by this test

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