Fundamentals of Software testing

1. System testing is a kind of

a. White Box Technique

b. Black Box Technique

c. None

d. Both

Which type of testing is performed to test applications across different versions of browsers and OS?

a. Static testing

b. Performance testing

c. Compatibility testing

d. Functional testing

which of the following test is used to determine how the software actually works and how does it behave in best and worst cases?

a) Endurance Testing

b) Exploratory Testing

c) Usability testing

d) Security testing

Deviation of the component or system from its expected delivery

a) Defect

b) Mistake

c) Failure

d) Error

Testing whether a software component can adapt to various environments

a) Compatibility testing

b) Portability testing

c) Interoperability testing

d) Localization testing

“System should able to perform at the peak of 3000 users with 100 concurrent members “what types of testing you use for this requirement.

a) Load and Volume

b) Scalability and Load

c) Load and Stress

d) Volume and stress

For a button

- Check the font size

- Check the font color

- Check the spelling

- Check the button size

Which level of testing can be applied for this Scenario?

a) Unit Testing

b) Integration Testing

c) System Integration

d) All the Above

. ___________testing is primarily testing of an application which undergoes a major enhancement which is not in production

a) Fresh development testing

b) Integration testing

c) Maintenance testing

d) None of the above

. In a Flight booking site, the search result of a particular flight are not available which testing is done to detect it?

a) Sanity testing

b) Ad-hoc testing

c) Maintenance testing

d) Regression testing

. Which of following are functional tools?

a) QTP

b) Rational robot

c) Test complete

d) All the above

Which of following attribute bear on level of performance under stated conditions and under stated period of time?

a) Reliability

b) Usability

c) Efficiency

d) Functionality

Testing information exchange between two or more interfaces/platforms

a) Interoperability testing

b) Installation testing

c) Reliability

d) Usability

Component Integration testing is also called

a) API testing

b) Assembly testing

c) None

d) Both a and b

What testing can be used to ensure the integrity of data?

a) Scalability testing

b) Smoke testing

c) Sanity testing

d) Security testing

Drivers are used in which approach

a) Top-Down

b) Bottom-Up

c) Big Bang

d) All the above

White box testing is done in

a)unit testing

b)system testing

c)system integration testing

d)none of the above

While booking ticket on IRCTC during payment process a passenger need to fill personal details and credit card details , if any issue rises which level of testing should be performed-

a) System

b) Unit

c) System integration

d)None of the above

After every build release which testing should be performed?

a) Smoke

b) Unit

c) System

d) none of the above

Suppose in employee management system following things need to be filled

Employee name- only alphabets

Employee id- only numerical

Employee ph no- numerical

Address- both alphabets and numerical

If an employee is not able to fill numerical values in address which testing should be done ?

a) Unit

b) System

c) integration

d)User acceptence

A bank has given an application to a company for developing it, after developing that it is checked at development site and again bank check that at its own site, which type of testing?

a)unit testing

b)integration testing

c)System testing

d)User acceptance testing

. To get stock news through google, what type of testing needs to be done?

a)Unit testing

b)Integration testing

c)System integration testing


Go to the ATM, withdraw money and you check the balance thru internet banking, what kind of testing should be performed to ensure this?

a)Unit testing

b)Integration testing

c)System integration testing


A company was storing the details of the employee in a manual way , did not use any it means. So they want to develop an application and the testing is outsourced to your company, this involves what kind of a testing ?

a)Fresh Development testing

b)Maintenance testing

c)Manual testing

d)Automation testing

big bang testing comes under:

a. integration testing

b. SIT

c. none

d. hybrid integration

The advantage of using whitebox testing is,

a)Test case is designed as soon as specification are complete

b)The test is done from the point of view of the tester, not developer

c)The test is unbiased because the developer and tester are independent of each other

d)none of these

Select one nonfunctional testing tool----





. In maintenance testing, changes is major what kind of testing should be done?

a)Ticket based testing

b)Request based testing

c)Release based testing

d)None of the above

. State [T or F]. Black box and white box testing can be used to test both functional and non-functional requirements.

"Fit for Use"

a. Producer perspective

b. Customer perspective

c. Tester perspective

d. Developer perspective

Small modules contain the majority of the defects

a. Absence-of-errors myth

b. Defect Clustering

c. Testing is perspective needy

d. Bug killer absurdity

Checking the fixed bug to know its status

a. Regression testing

b. system testing

c. Retesting

d. Both 1 and 2

With the help of testing, it is possible to measure?

a. Requirement

b. coding

c. Quality

d. Reliability

Start of Testing depends on

a. Requirement


c. Development Models

d. Development phase

Absence-of-errors myth

a. Reduces the undiscovered defects

b. Should start as early as possible

c. Finding and fixing the bugs does not help if the module is unusable

d. Operational failure due to majority of bugs in small modules

Cost of Defects

a. Very high if defect cover at the early stage

b. Very low if defect cover at the later stage

c. Very low if defect occurs at the early stage

d. All the above

Testing is done by

a. Developer

b. Tester

c. Client/End user

d. None of the above

Product being built is right?

a. Validation

b. Verification

c. User Acceptance

d. Both 2 and 3

System meets the functional requirements

a. Coding testing

b. Functional testing

c. Integration testing

d. All the above

Sanity Testing

a. Functional testing

b. Performance testing

c. Functional & Performance

d. All the above

Software testing is used to measure the quality of the software.

Say true or false.

Software quality can be achieved through -- --- cycle



Who will judge the quality of software

a.client stake holders

b. business analyst

c.test manager

which of the following is not a quality attribute?





Fault tolerance is measured by ------





Methodology and testing type adopted while performing Maintenance Testing:-

a) Regression testing

b) Retesting

c. automation testing

d) a,c

Which of the following is true about Formal Review or Inspection:-

i. Led by Trained Moderator (not the author).

ii. No Pre Meeting Preparations

iii. Formal Follow up process.

iv. Main Objective is to find defects

a) ii is true and i,iii,iv are false

b) i,iii,iv are true and ii is false

c) i,iii,iv are false and ii is true

d) iii is true and i,ii,iv are false

Which of the following is not verification type?

b. inspections

c. walkthrough

d. code analysis

If the requirement is that application page should load within 5 minutes what type of testing it will be?

a.functionality testing

b.non functionality testing

c.sanity testing

d.smoke testing

Cost Of fixing defects ----- during SDLC cycle



c.none of the options

what do we test first?

a. core functionality

b.field validations

c. critical test cases

d. a,c

When to stop testing?

a. critical test cases executed

b.defect rates fall below the expected level

c. budget exceeded

d. a,b,c

------ helps to detect new defects by making updates.

a.defect clustering

b. test case review

c.pesticide paradox

. ----- model proceeds to the next phase when sign off is completed at that phase

a.spiral model

b. iterative model

c. Water fall model


STLC phases are parallel to SDLC in V model: true or false

Agile model focuses on customer interactions :true or false

Scrum is used in ------ model




d. incremental

---- is not a functionality testing

a.load testing

b. sanity testing

c. smoke testing

Application should be able to handle 1000 maximum users at a time? Identify the testing type

a.smoke testing

b.load testing

c. regression testing

Black box testing can be used to test ------- and -----------------------

a.functional and non-functional requirements

b.non-functional requirements

c.functional specifications

----- is also known as glass box testing box

b. white box

c.structural testing


Tools to execute test cases is -------

a.manual testing

b. automation testing box testing

Which of the following is not covered by testing?

a.completely defect free product

b. Very user friendly application for all the users


d. none

Causes of bugs ------ pick the odd man out

a. incorrect requirements

b.poor code of the application

Which of the following is not a non-functionality testing?

a.usability testing

b. recovery testing

c. compatibility testing

d.regression testing

---------- is more expensive testing type.

a. white box

b. black box

------ is a white box functional testing tool


b.qtp runner test

--------- is a type of functional testing done for application which undergoes frequent changes

a. Regression testing

b. maintenance testing

c.sanity testing

---------- is a build verification test



c. Sanity testing

. ----- type of testing requires the testers to learn about the application.


b. Exploratory


------ tests the characteristics of software

a. non functionality testing

b. smoke


--------- testing measures the throughput of the software

a. smoke testing


c.functional testing

which of the following testing measures the adaptability of software to various platforms





e. none of the above

-------------- and --------- helps to design test cases


b. coding document


-------- is a module level testing

a. Unit testing

b.Assembly testing

c.Integeration testing

----- and ----- types of testing level which is common for white box and black box




------------- testing checks the communication between modules

a.Assembly testing

b. unit

c. system

d. user acceptance testing

Which program is used in testing top level modules first?

A. stubs



Which integration approach does testing follows when software arrives at a time?

a.Big bang


c. system

------------- testing uses both frs and srs?

a. system testing

b. unit

c.integration testing

d. None

which of the following is not used in SIT?

a.big bang

b.divide and conquer

c. risk based.

UAT allows end users to verify--------


b.test cases

c. test report

.----- testing done to ensure your application works with other system

a. SIT


c.system testing


Who will see whether the software is fit for use?


b. producer


Which attributes measure the quality of reusability?

a. maintainability

b. recoverability

c. scalability

Verification is done by --------------


b. Testers


d. a,b

----- appears after coding phase



c.dynamic testing

d. a,c

Nonfunctional requirements is addressed by smoke testing ---- True/False

We split testing into distinct stages primarily because:

a) Each test stage has a different purpose.

b) It is easier to manage testing in stages.

c) We can run different tests in different environments.

d) The more stages we have, the better the testing.

Which of the following is likely to benefit most from the use of test tools providing test capture and replay facilities?

a) Regression testing

b) Integration testing

c) System testing

d) User acceptance testing

Error guessing:

a) supplements formal test design techniques.

b) can only be used in component, integration and system testing.

c) is only performed in user acceptance testing.

d) is not repeatable and should not be used.

In prioritizing what to test, the most important objective is to:

a) find as many faults as possible.

b) test high risk areas.

c) obtain good test coverage.

d) test whatever is easiest to test.

Which one of the following statements about system testing is NOT true?

a) System tests are often performed by independent teams.

b) black box testing is used more than structural testing.

c) Faults found during system tests can be very expensive to fix.

d) End-users should be involved in system tests.

----------- is the other name for Re-testing

a. confirmation testing

b. regression testing

c. a,b

d. none

Enough testing has been performed when:

a) time runs out.

b) the required level of confidence has been achieved.

c) no more faults are found.

d) the users won’t find any serious faults.

Which of the following is NOT true of incidents?

a) Incident resolution is the responsibility of the author of the software under test.

b) Incidents may be raised against user requirements.

c) Incidents require investigation and/or correction.

d) Incidents are raised when expected and actual results differ.

Cost of fixing defects in unit testing is cheaper than UAT.. True or False

Which one of the following statements, about capture-replay tools, is NOT correct?

a) They are used to support multi-user testing.

b) They are used to capture and animate user requirements.

c) They capture aspects of user behavior.

How would you estimate the amount of re-testing likely to be required?

a) Metrics from previous similar projects

b) Discussions with the development team

c) Time allocated for regression testing

d) a & b

Which of the following characterizes the cost of faults?

a) They are cheapest to find in the early development phases and the most expensive to fix in the latest test phases.

b) They are easiest to find during system testing but the most expensive to fix then.

c) Faults are cheapest to find in the early development phases but the most expensive to fix then.


) Although faults are most expensive to find during early development phases, they are cheapest to fix then.

Which of the following should NOT normally be an objective for a test?

a) To find faults in the software.

b) To assess whether the software is ready for release.

c) To demonstrate that the software doesn’t work.

d) To prove that the software is correct.

Stubs are used to simulate higher level units. True or false

. ---- decides whether application can be deployed in production environment

a. UAT b. System c. SIT d. none

An important benefit of code inspections is that they:

a) enable the code to be tested before the execution environment is ready.

b) can be performed by the person who wrote the code.

c) can be performed by inexperienced staff.

d) are cheap to perform.

Which of the following is the best source of Expected Outcomes for User Acceptance Test scripts?

a) Actual results

b) Program specification

c) User requirements


) System specification

What is the main difference between a walkthrough and an inspection?

a) An inspection is lead by the author, whilst a walkthrough is lead by a trained moderator.

b) An inspection has a trained leader, whilst a walkthrough has no leader.

c) Authors are not present during inspections, whilst they are during walkthroughs.

d) A walkthrough is lead by the author, whilst an inspection is lead by a trained moderator.

Which one of the following describes the major benefit of verification early in the life cycle?

a) It allows the identification of changes in user requirements.

b) It facilitates timely set up of the test environment.

c) It reduces defect multiplication.

d) It allows testers to become involved early in the project.

Integration testing in the small:

a) tests the individual components that have been developed.

b) tests interactions between modules or subsystems.

c) only uses components that form part of the live system.

d) tests interfaces to other systems.

Alpha testing is:

a) post-release testing by end user representatives at the developer’s site.

b) the first testing that is performed.

c) pre-release testing by end user representatives at the developer’s site.

d) pre-release testing by end user representatives at their sites.

A failure is:

a) found in the software; the result of an error.

b) departure from specified behavior.

c) an incorrect step, process or data definition in a computer program.

d) a human action that produces an incorrect result.

Which of the following statements about reviews is true?

a) Reviews cannot be performed on user requirements specifications.

b) Reviews are the least effective way of testing code.

c) Reviews are unlikely to find faults in test plans.

d) Reviews should be performed on specifications, code, and test plans.

testing the application in its native language is called

a. internationalization

b. native testing

c. localization testing






Testing done in small chunks______


b. Spiral

c. Waterfall

d. RAD

Defects fixes is done by ____

a. Tester

b. Developers

c. Client

d. Manager

The ability of application redundant to malware and antivirus

a. Security Testing

b. Recovery Testing

c. Functional Testing

d. Reliability Testing

. ----------------- is a combination of iterative and incremental approach.

a. Agile testing

b.smoke testing

c. sanity testing

d. none of the above

---------- is testing the behavior of application and ---------- is testing internal structure of application.

a. black box ,graybox

b.whitebox,graybox box,whitebox

d. none

-------------- requires knowledge in testing the code by analyzing the internal structure of the application

a. structural testers b. black box testers c. developers

.------ is concerned with faults of omission

a. gray box

b. white box

c. black box

d. none

Automation testing is more reliable than manual testing. True or False

------ phase first distinguished debugging and testing

a. Demonstration

b. debugging

c. destruction

d. none

What should be taken into account to determine when to stop testing?

Technical risk

Business risk

Project constraints

Product documentation

a.I and II are true; III and IV are false

b.III is true; I, II and IV are false

c.I,II and IV are true; III is false

d.I, II and III are true; IV is false

What is the process of analyzing and removing causes of failures in software?




d. Verification

4.Which general testing principles are characterized by the descriptions below

W. Early testing

X. Defect clustering

Y. Pesticide paradox

Z. Absence – of- errors fallacy

Testing should start at the beginning of the project

Conformance to requirements and fitness for use

Small number of modules contain the most defects

Test cases must be regularly reviewed and revised

W1,X2,Y3 and Z4

W1,X3,Y4 and Z2

W2,X3,Y1 and Z4

W1,X4,Y2 and Z3

5.What principle is BEST described when test designs are written by a third party?

A. Exploratory testing

B. Independent testing

C. Integration testing

D. Interoperability testing

Which test levels are USUALLY included in the common type of V-Model?

Integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing and regression testing

Component testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing

Incremental testing, exhaustive testing, exploratory testing and data driven testing

Alpha testing, beta testing, black-box testing and white box testing

Who OFTEN performs system testing and acceptance, respectively?

Senior programmers and professional testers

Technical system testers and potential customers

Independent test team and users of the system

Development team and customers of the system

Which test ensures that modification did not introduce new problems?

Stress testing

Black-box testing

Structural testing

Regression testing

12.Which typical defects are easier to find using static instead of dynamic testing?

L. Deviation from standards

M. Requirement defects

N. Insufficient maintainability

O. Incorrect interface specification

L,M,N, and O

L and N

L,N and O

L,M, and N

Which test techniques is based on requirements specifications?

White-box technique

Component testing

Black-box technique

Data driven testing

Which factors contribute to humans making mistakes that can lead to faulty software?

Setting an aggressive schedule

Integrating complex systems

Allocating adequate resources

Failing to control changes

I and II are true; III and IV are false

II and IV are true; I and III are false

I,II and IV are true; III is false

I,II and III are true; IV is false

Which of the following the USUALLY stated as testing objectives?

Finding defects in the software

Reducing maintenance costs

Confirming that the system works

Assessing the quality of the software

Meeting schedule milestones

I and II

I,III, and IV

II, IV, and V

III and IV

What is the difference between component testing and integration testing?

Component testing tests interfaces; integration testing searches for defects

Component testing searches for defects in a module; integration testing tests interfaces

Developers perform component testing; testers perform integration testing

Testers perform component testing; users perform integration testing

What is the KEY difference between black-box and white-box testing?

Black-box is functional; White- box is structural

Black – box is functional; White-box is non-functional

Black-box has a wider statement coverage than white-box

Black-box can be performed only after white-box

Which test is usually run many times and generally evolve slowly?

Performance testing

Stress testing

Reliability testing

Regression testing

Regression testing should be performed:

v) every week

w) after the software has changed

x) as often as possible

y) when the environment has changed

z) when the project manager says

a) v & w are true, x – z are false

b) w, x & y are true, v & z are false

c) w & y are true, v, x & z are false

d) w is true, v, x y and z are false

e) all of the above are true

Which of the following can be tested as part of operational testing?

Component interaction

State transition

Disaster recovery

Which test investigates both functional and non-functional system requirements?

Alpha testing

System testing

Acceptance testing

Confirmation testing

How can software defects in future projects be prevented from reoccurring?

Creating documentation procedures and allocating resource contingencies

Asking programmers to perform a thorough and independent testing

Combining levels of testing and mandating inspections of all documents

Documenting lessons learned and determining the root cause of problems

Which test measures the system at or beyond the limits of its specified requirements?

Structural testing

Stress testing

Error guessing

Black-box testing

Who OFTEN performs system testing and acceptance, respectively?

Senior programmers and professional testers

Technical system testers and potential customers

Independent test team and users of the system

Development team and customers of the system


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