Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Online Test

Your project will require use of a high pressure punch press for four months. You can rent the press for $10,000 payable at the end of each month. You may also choose to make a lump sum payment on the day the press is delivered. Using a discount rate of 1% per month, the maximum lump sum payment you should choose to make is:

Who gave the concept of theory Y?

What are SMART objectives?

The items at the lowest level of the WBS are called

The major output document of Scope Plannning is the:

All of the following are true of Administrative Closure except:

There are three outputs that are common to scope, schedule and cost control processes. Which of the following is not a common output to these control processes?

A project management professional can compare earned value performance data to all of the following project management tools EXCEPT:

Which of the following is the mostly a key element of contract?

The project team is working on an important and complex project that requires a lot of coordination. Under these circumstances, the BEST strategy is to:

Projects are typically authorized as a result of any of the following except

The process of monitoring specific project results to determine if they comply with relevant quality standards is called:

Stock options, assigned parking spaces and a company car are all examples of what?

During project planning in a matrix organization, the project manager determines that additional human resources are needed. From whom would he request these resources?

The closing a project includes

According to John R. Adams Ph.D., there are five sources of power that people have: legitimate, coercive, reward, expert and referent. If the team knows that the project manager who is managing the project is reporting straight up to the President, what type of power is most prevalent?

Which of the following are not cost of quality?

A project management team has subcontracted work to a service company. The process of ensuring that this service company's performance meets contractual requirements is called:

The activity list should include descriptions of activities. This is required to:

Parametric cost estimating involves


Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification


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