Marketing Aptitude - Basic Online Test

What does a marketer require ?
Good command over english
Active Mindset
Passive Mindset
None of the above
Which of the following is true ? Please select the answer you feel is true.
Marketing is not required in buyer's market
Marketing is not required in seller's market
Marketing is not required due to LPG model (liberalisation , privitisation , globalisation)
All the above
Motivation means
Inspiring employees to perform better for productivity
Motive + action
Both choice 1 and choice 2
Only choice 1
What are the 4Ps?
Product , Place , Price and Promotion
Place , Product , Privacy and Presence
Product , Piece , Private , Prudent
None of the above
For effective marketing the salesmen shoudl have which of the following skills?
Creativity and Innovation
Team Spirit
Motivation and Effective Communicatin Skills
All of the above


Take up this test to test your marketing aptitude.


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