Manual Testing Test

Which of the following is not one of the techniques to find defects?

2. Verification is..

3. A regression test....

4.If an expected result is not specified then:

5.Tests are prioritized so that:

6.During which test activity could faults be found most cost effectively?

7. The purpose of requirement phase is .....

8. Which, in general, is the least required skill of a good tester?

9. The process starting with the terminal modules is called

10. The inputs for developing a test plan are taken from


There are two types of testing:
• Static testing: Static testing is a technique used in the earlier phase of the development life cycle. The code error detection and execution of program is not concern in this type of testing. Also known as non-execution technique. The Verification of the product is performed in this testing technique like Code Reviews, Inspections, Walkthroughs are mostly done in this stage of testing.
• Dynamic testing: Dynamic Testing is concern with the execution of the software. This technique is used to test the dynamic behavior of the code. Most of the bugs are identified using this technique. These are the Validation activities. It uses different methodologies to perform testing like Unit Tests, Integration Tests, System Tests and Acceptance Testing, etc.

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