ESL Beginner's Entrance Exam Online Test

Of the following symbols above, which one do you believe would be the correct way to write zero in military format?





The meat is beautifully ____________ - what recipe would you use?

Cool Whip is what of the below?

You like website that have:

You are not sure whether a word should be spelled 'dependent' or 'dependant'. You would:

I wonder many students ___________ going on the field trip this month.

I have ___________ numerous plants in the garden this year.

Can you ___________ the mirror on the wall please?

Luther has ____________ four new tires for his truck. He wanted higher quality to have the tires last longer.

Which of the following word's is spelled correctly?






Read the following article and answer each question to the best of your ability.

French fishermen blockaded three major ports on the English Channel for a second day Wednesday, cutting European distribution routes, stranding travelers and costing ferry companies lucrative business.

The blockade of Calais, Dunkirk and Boulogne-sur-Mer was the latest display of frustration by workers in France, who have sequestered bosses, marched through Paris and gone on hunger strike in recent weeks and months to protest the economic downturn.

Trawlers blocked ships from entering or leaving the ports. Passengers and freight trucks seeking to cross the channel to England stayed overnight in the ports after the blockade began Tuesday.

Question: What type of trucks are seeking to cross the channel to England?


The European Union sets annual quotas in an effort to protect and revive dwindling fish stocks. Member nations negotiate each country's share of the total catch.

"The immediate opening of supplementary catch quotas, for sole and cod, is vital for the future of small fishermen" in the region, Jacky Henin, former mayor of Calais and a European parliament member, said Wednesday.

The French government said it may consider providing financial support to the fishing industry, but called the quotas reasonable.

"France has not let fishermen down," government spokesman Luc Chatel told France 2 Television on Wednesday, noting that the country increased catch quotas for certain fish in 2008.


As a ESL Beginner student, you are required to take the entrance exam for this course within the first ten (10) day's of being enrolled. This isn't a pass or fail course- This test is designed to help the instructor.

You will have 45 minutes to complete this exam.


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