Basic MS Excel 2010 Online Test

How many Rows are there in Excel 2010 worksheet?

How many Columns are there in Excel 2010 worksheet?

Maximum possible zoom in Excel is…....

Which of the following key/key combination will move your cursor one cell to the right ?

What is the address of last cell Excel 2010?

Which column follows immediately after column Z in Excel 2010?

What is default extension of file in Excel 2010?

Data can be sorted at multiple levels in Excel 2010?

Which statement regarding formatting is true?

Header & Footer can be displayed only in…....

Once you go to print preview mode, you either have to print or cancel because there is no way to go back and edit your spreadsheet.

You cannot print worksheet in parts.

$C$3 is example of which type of cell reference?

Which key is used to move between different types of cell references?

How will you enter Text in formulas?

'True' argument in VLOOKUP function denotes ________match.

With _________ Excel change the appearance of your data based on its value.

Conditional Formatting can be applied to text.

You can have more than one rule for a cell or range of cells in conditional formatting.

You can limit the data shown on a worksheet by creating ______

Filter can be applied to rows as well as to columns.

An Excel tool with which you can create worksheets that can be sorted, filtered, and rearranged dynamically to emphasize different aspects of your data.

Graphical filter objects in Pivot table is called as _____

What is not a type of chart in Excel 2010?

Which of the following is a description of the pie chart?


This test is aimed to test the basic knowledge of MS Excel 2010. Test may have multiple choice questions, True or False type questions or fill in the blanks type questions.
This test will have 25 questions. This is time bound test and the time will be 20 minutes.


Mizzi Smiff

test will not load says error getting test

912 days 21 hours 24 minutes ago


asdsda asdad

1672 days 10 hours 58 minutes ago



1672 days 10 hours 58 minutes ago


I cant even get this test to load and have tried many times. any hints?

1755 days 30 minutes ago

Larissa Brewington

This test is NOT practical. No one cares about how many cells there are. It's about how to apply the info. Questions like, "How do you change the sum of this cell?" are what people work with... Otherwise, you're wasting time.

1987 days 8 hours 54 minutes ago


This is a great test showing your knowledge of the use of Excel 2010.
Thank you.

2029 days 21 hours 53 minutes ago

Haribhau Raskar

all que of excell

2364 days 13 hours 29 minutes ago

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