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How many Characters can come in a single cell of excel. ??

A4 paper size According to ms office is:-

In Ms-word by default setting of line spacing is:-

Minimum Margin for all slides in powerpoint:-

Java has the capability to handle:-

_______Consist of data and methods:-

which of the following topplogy is not of broadcast type:-

a flip flop has______stable status:-

Each flip flops stores____bits

A Program that employed in the development Repair or enhancement of the programs is know as:-

Who is the Father of algorithm:-

the most costly storage device is:-

Floppy disk drives were originally designed by:-

which of the following Program is not a utility:-

The idea of stored program concept was Revealed by:-


Hello my self raj tekwani and i am a computer teacher, i upload here few questions i hope u will be like these all questions in this test..
these all questions are best for informatic assistant exam........
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consider the scenario of bk associates,an auditing firm in washington the firm frequently conducts audits for small organizations and creats the reports using microsoft excel jane the senior chartered accountant asks the junior cas to assure the authenticity and integrity of the reports discuss the feature in brief that the junior cas will use to accomplish See more

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