General Aptitude Test - 1

In what ratio must a grocer mix two varieties of tea worth Rs. 60 a kg and Rs. 65 a kg so that by selling the mixture at Rs. 68.20 a kg he may gain 10%?

A 300 metre long train crosses a platform in 39 seconds while it crosses a signal pole in 18 seconds. What is the length of the platform?

The least perfect square, which is divisible by each of 21, 36 and 66 is:

A sum of money is to be distributed among A, B, C, D in the proportion of 5 : 2 : 4 : 3. If C gets Rs. 1000 more than D, what is B's share?

X can do a piece of work in 40 days. He works at it for 8 days and then Y finished it in 16 days. How long will they together take to complete the work?

A man wants to sell his scooter. There are two offers, one at Rs. 12,000 cash and the other a credit of Rs. 12,880 to be paid after 8 months, money being at 18% per annum. Which is the better offer?

Speed of a boat in standing water is 9 kmph and the speed of the stream is 1.5 kmph. A man rows to a place at a distance of 105 km and comes back to the starting point. The total time taken by him is:

Insert the missing number

2, 4, 12, 48, 240, (....)

A rectangular park 60 m long and 40 m wide has two concrete crossroads running in the middle of the park and rest of the park has been used as a lawn. If the area of the lawn is 2109 sq. m, then what is the width of the road?

Find the odd one out

396, 462, 572, 427, 671, 264

Gauri went to the stationers and bought things worth Rs. 25, out of which 30 paise went on sales tax on taxable purchases. If the tax rate was 6%, then what was the cost of the tax free items?

An observer 1.6 m tall is 203 away from a tower. The angle of elevation from his eye to the top of the tower is 30º. The heights of the tower is:

By investing Rs. 1620 in 8% stock, Michael earns Rs. 135. The stock is then quoted at:

A tank is filled by three pipes with uniform flow. The first two pipes operating simultaneously fill the tank in the same time during which the tank is filled by the third pipe alone. The second pipe fills the tank 5 hours faster than the first pipe and 4 hours slower than the third pipe. The time required by the first pipe is:

Find out the wrong number in the series.

10, 26, 74, 218, 654, 1946, 5834

Which of the following has the most number of divisors?

Which word best expresses the meaning of VENT

Which word best expresses the meaning of ECSTATIC

How many integers greater than 999 but less than 4000 can be formed with the digits 0,1,2,3,4 with repetion allowed.

The number of common terms in the two sequences 17,21,25,....,417 and 16,21,26....,466 is

What are the last two digits of 7^2008. (^ means power)

Consider obtuse angled triangles with sides 8 cm, 15 cm and X cm. If X is any integer, then how many such triangles exist.

What is the number of distinct terms in the expansion ( a + b + c ) ^ 20.


* Number of questions = 25
* Time limit = 30 min
* Must be finished in one sitting. You cannot save and finish later.
* Will allow you to go back and change your answers.
* Will not let you finish with any questions unattempted.
This is a multiple choice test.
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