Fiqh of Salaah Short Course Test 1

Which of the following is to be considered the most important reason when seeking knowledge?

What are the 6 manners of learning?

In the lughah, Salaah means:

Under the shari'ah, Salaah is defined as those specific words and actions performed beginning with the takbir and ending with the taslim, in worship of Allah. The words "in worship of Allah":

In the shari'ah, every act can have one of five rulings: Waajib, Mustahabb, Mubaah, Makruh and Haraam. Which of the following best escplains the difference between Waajib and Mustahabb:

Which of the following best explains the difference between Makruh and Haraam?


Test your understanding of lesson 1 of the course.

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