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17- A project manager in a manufacturing company is working to ensure that work products are produced according to the predefined standards. He is using process checklist and auditing quality requirements. The project manager is currently in which process group?

A Pareto chart helps focusing on…

- You are managing a design project. You find that bringing all of your team members into a single room to work increases their communication, and helps build a sense of community. This is referred to as a:

Which is the BEST definition of quality?

a client has asked you to add the scope of the project the project is under budget and a little ahead of schedule. What should you do?

-While making presentations, the difference between a milestone chart and a bar chart is that unlike bar charts, milestone charts:

) When a project manager is engaged in negotiations, nonverbal communication skills are of :

1-At what part of the Procurement Management process does procurement negotiations happen?

your company is receiving a shipment of goods from the seller when you get the procurement manager who tells you that the shipment does not meet the needs of the project. What should you do NEXT?

At which stage, does a typical project has maximum cost?

-_____________ is not a part of the project cost baseline but is included in the project budget:

- Resource Leveling is a technique for:

Which of the following best describes decomposition?

7-A project manager is in the middle of the executing process of a very large construction project when

he discovers that the needed to complete the project is longer than the time available. What is the BEST

thing to do?

Which of the following is NOT a tool or technique of Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis?

As you are executing your project you are constantly checking your risk register to be sure that you have planned responses for all of your risks. At one team status meeting, you find that a lower priority risk has suddenly become more likely. Where do you keep information about low priority risks?

Which of the following is not normally an element of the Project Charter?

the CEO of the Company has assigned a project manager to a project that the `CEO has wanted to do for a long time . what should the project manager do FIRST?

Management has decided to “crash” a project to avoid penalty payments for late deliveries. Additional costs are expected. To crash the project, either overtime or additional resources should be assigned to:

6-What is a program?

3-management wants to look at how a project is doing as compared to past project to make a valid judgment , management should compare this project to:

3-You are a project manager of a large project and you are identifying some alternative techniques to generate different approaches to execute and perform the work of a project. You are doing it as a part of:

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) numbering system should allow project staff to:



-which of the following is the best way to resolve conflicts?

-the highest point of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is called

18- You are managing a large diversified project team. In the initial days of the project, the team members behaved like independent individuals and seemed reserved, learning about their roles and responsibilities. Then as the team began to work on the project and participate in technical decisions, their trust level grew. The team now supports each others' needs and works together. According to you they are in which stage of team development?

19- All of the following are part of the

communication management plan EXCEPT?

20--------- refers to nonrandom data points that are grouped together on one side of the mean of a control chart.

Jim is managing a road network design project for a government agency. He is currently carrying out the Plan Stakeholder Management process for the project. Which of the following documents will provide the list of project stakeholders to Jim for this process?

Sandra is managing a new supersonic aircraft design project. This is a huge project and the success of this project is very critical for her organization. For such mission-critical projects, which of the following is the most desirable engagement level for all major project stakeholders?

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