PMP Certification Quiz # 5 Online Test

The processes required to ensure the project includes all the work required is called?
Define Scope
Scope Verification
Control Scope
Scope Management
Decisions affecting how detailed the scope of the project will be tracked and controlled are documented in the
project cost baseline
responsibility authority matrix (RAM)
scope management plan
customer allocation document
What does the guide mean by 'Enterprise Environmental Factors?'
A company's culture, HR, market conditions, political climate, etc
The way the board of directors decides upon raises for employees
Air conditioning and heating
The competition that the company has to contend with
Uncontrolled changes to the project scope is called
making the customer happy
cost overruns
schedule delays
scope creep
Subdividing project deliverables into smaller and more manageable components is the process of
subproject composition
variable identification
You are planning to use PERT for planning of your project. A task has pessimistic estimate of 24 days, most likely estimate of 15 days and optimistic estimate of 12 days. What is the mean using the PERT technique?
14 days
22.5 days
19 days
16 days
13 days
The purpose of the sequence activity process is to
is to determine the order in which activities must be accomplished.
Document relationships among project activites
Create the project schedule network diagram
All of the above
Which sentence is most true about assumptions
For project planning purposes, assumptions are assumed true, real and certain without need of proof.
Assumptions are factors included in the project charter
Assumptions can be useful during project planning
Assumptions are never validated
Analogus estimates uses the value of parameters such as ___________ from previous similar activies as the basis for estimating future activites
All of the above
As a project manager you are required to balance competing constraints which include
Scope, team members, quality, budget, schedule and risks
Budget, Quality, Risks, Scope, Schedule, Resouces
Bills, Quality checklists, Risks, Scope, Schedule, Resouces
Budget, Quality, Risks Response, Scope, Time, HR
How many relationships can be represented when using the AON diagraming method
The identification of risks associated with a project happens when
Occurs only at the beginning of a project when the risk management plan is developed
Is an ongoing process, regularly scheduled throughout the life cycle of a project
C. Occurs as needed throughout the life cycle of a project
At the beginning and the end of the project
You are the project manager for a new systems project. Management wants your project to yield high-value results at a low cost. Although, you would like to take the time and money to incorporate features that would increase long-term project value, one of your major programming sellers employs senior-level staff that typically cost more than other vendors. When working with stakeholders, which statement is most true?
Stakeholders should be grouped into categories for easy identification
The project manager should proactively curtail stakeholder activities that might affect the project adversely
The project manager should be sensitive to the fact that stakeholders often have very different objectives and that this makes stakeholder management difficult
The project manager should recognize that roles and responsibilities may overlap
You are preparing a project management plan. You have identified a key subject matter expert. Her experience will be invaluable to project success. But you do not know when she will be available to support the project. Therefore, you have assumed a start date. This shows that assumptions generally involve some risk because they
Are based on lessons learned
May not have any historical precedent
Involve factors that limit the project management team's options
Involve factors that are considered true, real, or certain
While working on your project management plan, you ask one of your team members to provide you with a list of the company's informal and formal policies. Which one of the following items on the list. is not considered an organizational policy that would impact your project?
Process improvement objectives
Status meetings
Employee performance reviews
Time reporting
You are the project manager assigned to manage the design, develop, and implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. You will contract with an outside vendor to supply the ERP software. You realize that detailed planning for these types of real-time systems is a prerequisite for success and form a team of key stakeholders to help prepare the plan. Which of the following is an input to the develop the project management plan process?
Make-or-buy analysis
Benefit-cost analysis
Lessons learned and other historical information from previous projects
The project management information system
You and your project management team complete the project plan and a project schedule. The plan is submitted to the steering committee, and is approved. Key stakeholders accepted the plan and it is time to distribute the both the project plan and schedule. Which statement is most likely true?
Both the project plan and the schedule should be distributed to all stakeholders in the performing organization
Both the project plan and the schedule should be distributed to all project stakeholders
Both the project plan and the schedule should be distributed to the project team members and the project sponsor
Both the project plan and the schedule should be distributed to the people noted in the communications management plan
You have been assigned to manage a project that scheduled to span the next 4 years. As the project manager you have decided that implementing rolling wave planning would be appropriate. Rolling wave planning focuses on
All project work similtaneously
near term project work
project phases only
reverse planning
You are part of a project team that is preparing a project management plan for your company's new video conferencing product line. The team is reviewing a number of items as it prepares the plan. Which one of the following is an example of a project constraint that you should consider as you develop the project management plan?
Financial reports from similar projects
Predefined budget
Records of past performance
Lessons learned from previous projects
Your project sponsor wants you to prepare a Monte Carlo analysis of your project's schedule risk. This requirement is part of your organization's
Project management methodology
Organizational policy
Lessons Learned
way of doing things
The following are all inputs to the Plan Quality process except
Scope baseline, Flowcharting, Enterprise environmental factors, Risk register, Stakeholder register, Cost performance baseline, Organizational process assets
Scope baseline, Schedule baseline, Enterprise environmental factors, Risk register, Stakeholder register, Cost performance baseline, Organizational process assets
Scope baseline, Proprietary quality management methodology, Risk register, Stakeholder register, Cost performance baseline, Organizational process assets
Proprietary quality management methodology, Quality metrics, Enterprise environmental factors, Risk register, Stakeholder register, Cost performance baseline, Organizational process assets
Which of the following does NOT generate updates to the Project documents:
Sequence Activities
Estimate Activity Resources
Estimate Activity Durations
Define Activities
A milestone list is an output from which process
Estimate Activity Resources
Define Activities
Sequence Activities
Estimate Activity Durations
A schedule activity may begin 10 days before the predecessor activity finishes. This is an example of:
Which of the following is NOT a tool & technique of the sequence activites process
Precedence Diagramming Method,
Dependency determination
Schedule Network Templates
Expert judgment
Applying leads and lags
Tree Consultancy is getting 200 computers installed from a vendor. The vendor will be paid the cost involved and a 10% incentive. Which contract will be used in this case?
Fixed Cost
Reserve Analysis a technique for which process
Estimate Activity Durations
Estimate Costs
Determine Budget
All of the above
The decision on whether a product or service can be produced by the project management team or can be purchased is called
procurement assessment
Expert judgment
Make-or-buy analysis
selection criteria evaluation
You and your project team are meeting to evaluating the risk listed in the risk register. You decide to use decision tree analysis. Using this tool and technique would be most beneficial in which scenario?
Describing a potential risk and the implications for each available choice and outcome associated with the risk
Describing a potential risk and the most likely choice and outcome associated with the risk
Describing a potential risk and the least likely choice and outcome associated with the risk
None of the above
Which communication skill is key to successful project communciations
Creating reports
Cold-calling people
Being helpful

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