Test Your Preparation on SHM for AIEEE Physics

A particle is moving with constant angular velocity along the circumference of a circle. Which of the following statements is true?
The particle so moving executes S.H.M.
The projection of the particle on any one of the diameters executes S.H.M.
The projection of the particle on any of the diameters executes S.H.M.
None of the above
1.59 mm
1.00 m
10 m
None of these
Which of the following expressions represent simple harmonic motion?
The amplitude and the periodic time of a S.H.M. are and  respectively. At a distance of away from the mean position, the phase is ____.
A particle starts S.H.M. from the mean position. Its amplitude is A and time period is T. At the time when its speed is half of the maximum speed, its displacement y is ____.
The phase of a particle executing simple harmonic motion is  when it has ____.
maximum velocity
maximum acceleration
maximum energy
minimum displacement

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