MNC JOBS Accounting Model Paper 1 Online Test

Balance as per cash book is Rs5,000 cheque issued but not presented for payment Rs2000 and cheque sent for collection but not collected Rs1500.The bank had wrongly debited the account of firm by 200 balance as per pass book will be__

The Imprest system is used in

Credit note is sent to

Which of the following is put on the credit side out the Trial balance

Error(s) cannot be identified by the trial balance

An employee stole away cash Rs.10000 and goods worth Rs.20000,what would be the journal entry.

Discount received in advance account is a_________account

Stock account is a___________

Example of accounting estimate is

Depreciating fixed assets axes its useful life is an example of the following concept convention

Contigent liability is shown as foat note of balance sheet due to

When applied to the balance sheet,the convention of conservatism results in

Which of these is not available in financial statements of a company

The accounting equation is based on

Double entry principle means


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This Paper is designed to prepare students to attempt MNC exam very confidently in core accounting.This is usefult for MBA Finance students.



I have a doubt on credit not will be sent to whom. Answer you mentioned that is creditor. but credit not will be prepared and it will issued by the seller to the buyer at the time of sales return. then how it will be the creditor?

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financial accounting

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