CA CPT - Economics Test 1 Money and Banking

In making a computation of taxable income, if the profit and Loss account of assessee shows a Loss, any expenses which has not been debited to the profit and loss account but is allowable as a deduction for Income tax purpose is to be : -

Which of the following is not money to a laymen?

Which of the following have some or other attributes of money : -

Traditionally, which of the following is a characteristic of money : -

4. According to the modern economists, money principally serves as : -

5. Insofar as the theory of modern economist goes, which of the following cannot be characterized as money : -

6. To the empiricist, money is : -

7. Before a modern economist would include any assets within the category of money, he would consider all of the following factor, but : -

8. Money has various functions. Which of the following is not one of them in a static sense :-

9. Money has various functions. Which of the following is not one of them in a dynamic sense

10. By channelizing money, idle resources are put to productive use. This is unlikely to affect which of the following

11. In a modern economy : -

12. RBI classification of money in India has been done earlier in : -

13. Narrow money excludes which of the following : -

14. ---- is also called narrow money by RBI : -

15. Narrow money and broad money are different only when it comes to : -

1) Parameters for measuring money supply by introduction of new monetary aggregates was carried out by RBI in : -

2) National Savings Certificate are ----- from all classification of money stock in India :

3) Presently, which of the following are used as measures of money supply in India : -

4) Commercial bank can raise money from : -

5) Banks act as a --------- between saving public and users of -----

For a developing economy like, India, the bank plays the role of : -


This test contains questions pertaining to the Money and Banking relevant for CA CPT Economics curriculum. The questions relates to how the money and banking system works. About how commercial bank were nationalised in India, functions of Reserve Bank of India


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