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- Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a project?

The scope baseline consists of:

- The customer has reviewed the deliverables of a project and finds that they are acceptable, and must now communicate that acceptance to the project manager. Which form of communication is appropriate?

an activity has been delayed and the project manager needs to deal with the situation. What is the NEXT thing he should do ?

A-report to management

B-crash or fast track

C- determine how much of a problem it is

D-use contingency reserves

a difference between the requirements is best resolved in favor for the:

- a pareto charts help the project manager

A- Focus on simulating thinking

B- Focus on the most critical issues to improve quality

C- Explore a desired future outcome

D- Determine if a process is out of control

All of the following are examples of the cost of nonconformance EXCEPT?

- A project charter is a document that…

At which stage, does a typical project has maximum cost?

26-_____________ is not a part of the project cost baseline but is included in the project budget:

27- "Halo Effect" is

A. based on the assumption that because the person is good at a technology, he will be good as a project manager. 1

B. based on hiring the best

C. to recruit the best in management

D. to promote from within

A group of related projects that are managed in a coordinated way that usually include an element of ongoing activity is called a:

24- One of the outperforming team members from a support group of the project team wants to move onto the technical team as he finds that work more challenging . As a project manager you know that he is a valuable resource and moving him out of the support group can affect group performance. You decide to give him a hike in salary. However, the employee is still unhappy and dissatisfied. This is an example of which theory?

A. Maslow's Theory

B. Herzberg's theory1

C. McGregor's theory

D. Z theory

Which of the following is done during create WBS ?

All of the following are part of the

communication management plan EXCEPT?

which of the following is the best way to resolve conflicts?

Resource Leveling is a technique for:

You are behind schedule when…

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) numbering system should allow

project staff to:

There are 17 people on a project. How many lines of communication are there?

- The project charter is typically approved by the project sponsor, although some charters can be approved by key stakeholders instead. Which of the following BEST describes the role of the project sponsor on the project?

- Which of the following helps you identify the root cause of 80% of the defects in your project using the 80/20 rule?

A-Scatter chart

B-Control chart

C-Cause-and-effect diagram

D-Pareto chart

- Which is true regarding projects?

A project is managed by a project coordinator. Which of the following

statements is most likely to be true?

A. The performing organization is a weak matrix 1.

B. The performing organization is doing "management by projects".

C. The performing organization is a strong matrix.

D. The performing organization is projectized

Which of the following is not normally an element of the Project Charter?

- while completing work a project team tells you that a work package has been forgotten in the WBS what is the best thing to do?

You have recently joined as a project manager in a company where they follow a projectized organizational structure. All your team members work in the same office where you have a lot of independence and authority. All of the following are advantages of a projectized organizational structure EXCEPT:

-. Management has decided to “crash” a project to avoid penalty payments for late deliveries. Additional costs are expected. To crash the project, either overtime or additional resources should be assigned to:

- a resource assigned to your project contacts you, trying to get off the team . he knows that an important project in his department is going to be approved and will take place at the same time as yours. He wants to work on the other project. Under the circumstances. What is the best thing to do?

A-keep him if he is valuable resource

B-talk the functional manager about releasing him from the team

C-release him after he find a suitable replacement

D-wait until the last minute to see if the other project is approved

management wants to look at how a project is doing as compared to past project to make a valid judgment , management should compare this project to:


B- flow charts

C- bar charts

D- trend charts

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