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As part of the communications process, the sender is responsible for______
Ensuring the receiver agrees with the message.
Confirming that the information is properly understood
Presenting the information in the most favorable manner
Interpreting the message correctly
You are the project manager working on a research project for a new drug treatment. Your preliminary project schedule runs past the due date for a federal grant application. The manager of the R&D department has agreed to release two resources to work on your project in order to meet the federal grant application date. This is an example of __________________.
Fast tracking
Resource leveling
Adjusting the resource calendar
You are a project manager for Move It Now trucking company. Your company specializes in moving household goods across the city or across the country. Your project involves upgrading the nationwide computer network for the company. Your lead engineer has given you the following estimates for a critical path activity: 60 days most likely, 72 days pessimistic, 48 days optimistic. What is the weighted average or expected value?
The information-gathering techniques used in the Risk Identification process include all of the following except _______________.
Root cause identification
Delphi technique
SWOT analysis
Checklist analysis
You work for a furniture manufacturer. You’re project is going to design and produce a new office chair. The chair will have the ability to function as a normal chair and also the ability to transform its occupant into an upright, kneeling position. The design team is trying to determine the combination of comfort and ease of transformation to the new position that will give the chair the best characteristics while keeping the costs reasonable. Several different combinations have been tested. This is an example of which of the following tools and techniques of Plan Quality?
Quality metrics
Which of the following is the most important element of Project Management Plan that is useful in HR Planning process
Risk Management activities
Quality Assurance activities
Activity Resource requirements
Budget Control activities
Which of these is not an example of a project?
Buying clothes from the market on a special sale.
Planning for your friends wedding.
Building a bridge across the Amazon river.
Cleaning the office building every day.
Which relationship model is most commonly used in the Precedence diagrams?
You are the Project Manager of ABC project. The project is being executed in an earthquake-prone area. To take care of this you buy insurance for earthquakes. This is an example of
Risk mitigation
Transfer of risk
Risk contingency planning
Accepting the consequences passively.
You are planning to use PERT for planning of your project. A task has pessimistic estimate of 24 days, most likely estimate of 15 days and optimistic estimate of 12 days. What is the mean using the PERT technique?
18 days
25.5 days
15 days
16 days
17 days
The Project Managers have maximum authority in which type of organization
Weak Matrix organization
Balanced Matrix organization
Strong Matrix
Project Managers have same authority in the three types of organizations.
At which stage, in a typical project do stakeholders have maximum influence?
Initial stage
Middle stage
Final stage
Shareholders have similar influence at all stages
Sam Consultancy has a large internal project to be initiated. To staff this project, Sam Consultancy is working with People Consultancy to provide three resources for six months. The resources will be part of the team managed by Sam Consultancy for six months. Which contract type should be used by Sam Consultancy?
Purchase Order
Cost plus Fee
Fixed cost
Time and Material
What is an Ishikawa diagram?
A control chart
A fishbone diagram
A scatter diagram
A Pareto chart
What should be implemented when determining how detailed the decomposition of the deliverables in the WBS should be?
The 8/80 rule
The law of diminishing returns
The priority of the project
The timetable to create the WBS
You are examining a control chart. When should processes be adjusted?
When the control chart's mean is too low
When the control chart's mean is too high
When the process in within acceptable limits
When the process is outside acceptable limits
Which of the following does NOT generate changes to the Project documents:
Define Activities
Sequence Activities
Estimate Activity Resources
Estimate Activity Durations
A Project Manager in-charge of a Software Development projects is creating a project schedule network diagram for the code development component of the project. This is an example of:
Precedence Diagramming Method [PDM]
Arrow Diagramming Method [ADM]
Fragment Network
Activity-On-Node [AON]
What-if scenario analysis is done as a part of which process:
Sequence Activities
Define Activities
Develop Schedule
Control Schedule
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about the Staffing Management Plan?
The Staffing Management Plan provides information on when project team members may be released from the project team
The Staffing Management Plan provides information on staff acquistion
The Staffing Management Plan provides information on project safety
The Staffing Management Plan provides information on project quality
Betsy is the project manager of the JGB Project for her organization. She would like to solicit seven vendors for a price to supply 1,000 fixtures for her project. What type of document would Betsy issue to the vendors in this scenario?
A request for proposal
A request for quote
A request for infomration
An invitation for a bidders' conference
Who has the power on a project team in a functional organization?
The project manager
The project sponsor
The project team
The functional manager
Identification of Mandatory Dependencies is BEST done during which process:
Sequence Activities
Develop Schedule
Define Activities
Estimate Activity Duration
A project manager for the quality department is trying to solve a problem with a machine that makes die cast aluminum parts that are used in automobiles. These parts are frequently made with defects. The project manager has decided to hold a meeting to discuss the process of making the parts. He creates a diagram that has branches that show the possible causes of the problems. Each of the branches breaks the cause down into more and more detail. This diagram is called a:
Pareto diagram
Fishtank diagram
Cause and effect diagram
Scatter diagram
The quality management plan provides input to __________________ and addresses quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement.
The overall project plan
The project scope
External stakeholders
A project manager is responsible for all that goes on in the project. One of the most important duties that the project manage can perform is the function of:
Risk management
Quality management
Cost management
The organization that is a formalized structure where the project teams and the project managers reside is called:
Matrix organization
Project office
Project team
Project management office
The project manager of a project is concerned with managing cost and improving morale and is also concerned about notifying other project managers when individuals from his project team will be available to work on other projects. This is best addressed in the project’s:
Communications plan
Work breakdown structure
Staffing plan
Project schedule
You have been assigned as project manager on what could be 'bet the company' project. If the project successful, management will be carrying you around on a sedan chair; fails, you will be the unemployment line. realize that to be successful you need to exercise maximum control over project resources. Which form of project organization should you establish for this project?
Strong matrix
Project coordinator
Weak matrix
Project A being administered using matrix form of organization. The project manager reports to senior vice president who provides visible support project. this scenario, which of the following statements best describes the relative power of the project manager?
project manager will probably not be challenged by project stakeholders.
In this strong matrix, the balance of power is shifted to the functional line managers.
In this tight matrix, the balance of power is shifted to the project manager.
In this strong matrix, the balance of power is shifted to the project manager.
In which process of Project Risk Management knowledge area are numeric values assigned to probabilities and impact of risks
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Perform Numeric Risk Analysis
Plan Risk Response
Which of the following factors contributes the most to team communication?
External feedback
Performance appraisals
Smoothing over of team conflicts by the project manager
Which of the following is an output of the Identify Risks process.
Lessons Learned
Risk Register
SWOT Analysis
Which of the following is true statement about risks?
If a risk is identified in a risk response plan, then that means that risk has already happened.
Once a risk has happened, you refer to the risk management plan to determine what action needs to be taken.
A risk that was not planned but has happened is called a trigger.
Risk identification happens in all the phases of the project.
You are the Project Manager of a car manufacturing company. As part of Quality Control you decide to check only 5% of the cars generated for environmental check. Which technique are you using?
Pareto Diagram
Control Charts
Statistical Sampling
Sample Selection
Major difficulties arise when multiple organizational structure because of
The level of authority of the project manager
Conflicts over the relative priorities of different projects in competition for limited resources
Project team members who are focused on their functional specialty rather than on the project
The need for the project manager to use interpersonal skills to resolve conflicts informally
As project manager, you realize that team development is essential for project success. Therefore, you want to review technical context within which your team operates. This information can be found in the
Team charter
Project plan
Staffing management plan
Organizational policies and guidelines
In both weak and strong matrix organizational structures, the primary condition leading to conflict is
Communication barriers
Conflicting interests
Need for consensus
Ambiguous jurisdictions
Which of the following is not an input to the Conduct Procurements process?
Source selection criteria
Make-or-buy decisions
Organizational process assets
You are planning to use screening system for source selection process to select a vendor for supplying food for your company? Which of these is a good example of screening system?
You interview all the vendors and decide based upon the interviews.
You negotiate with all the vendors and select the one that provides the best price.
You only consider those vendors who have revenue of ten million dollars in the last financial year.
You select the vendor who responds first to your advertisement.
Cost baseline is usually represented using which curve or line?
a Slanted line
an S-curve
a Z curve
a PQ curve
Which of these is a tool for Develop Project Charter process?
Project selection methods
Project management methodology
Expert Judgment
Earned Value Technique
The Procurement statements of work is an output of which of these processes?
Plan Procurements
Conduct Procurements
Administer Procurements
Close Procurements
You are managing the project of planning a party for your company employees. There is a risk that the employees will not come to the party. You decide to not take any action against this as the likely-hood of this is low. Which risk response strategy are you following?
You are project manager for 2-year project, now beginning its second year. Changes have occurred in some project roles and responsibilities since project began. Some team members have left the project, and others have added. addition, several of the completed work packages have not received the required sign-offs. Some team members be they should be reviewing certain work packages or at least providing input. With the unplanned departure of one key team member, three work packages are weeks behind schedule. You do not seem know who is responsible for many project activities. To gain control of this project, you need to
Rebaseline your original staffing management plan with current resource requirements
Change to a projectized organizational structure for maximum control over resource assignments
Work with your team to prepare a responsibility assignment matrix
Create a new division of labor by assigning technical leads to the most critical activities
Which process group addresses the project and deliverable requirements, product requirements, boundaries of the project and methods of acceptance?
project charter group
initiating process group
project planning group
project closing group
You and your project team have been asked to deliver an improved version of the open and fund product being offered to financial institutions. A competitor has already introduced their new and improved version and you have been told the new version will be rolled on July 1st and the new version must be ready within 90 days. This 90 day schedule is rigid and non-negotiable. The 90 day schedule is an example of what?
A mandatory dependency
A business need
A constraint
An assumption
Assumptions are:
A high risk threat
Are important and help the project team get past unknowns
Of no value
A companion document to the WBS that explains each entry in more detail is called the?
CWBS encyclopedia
Scope Baseline
WBS dictionary
Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (BCWP)
The items at the lowest level of the WBS are known as:
decomposed work
work packages
work units


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