Permutation Combination Online Test

If there is importance of order which method should be used to find number of ways?

If 5 person is to be seated in a row, many ways are possible?

if 3 person are to be selected out of 5, how many ways are there?

in how many ways 5 person can seat around a circular table?

in how many ways 3 plus sign and 5 minus sign can be arranged in a row so that no two plus sign appear together?


the test is to check the basic concepts of arrangements and selection concept. The test comprises of easy questions and only to enable students develop confidence. The permutation includes the order importance unlike the selection in which there is no importance of order.



if three persons are selected out of 5, the answer is 5c3=10 but not 20

3092 days 9 minutes ago

Rajesh Manjibhai Patel
High School and JEE maths
Test: 1

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