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Which actor has won the most number of "Best Actor" Oscar?

Who won the Man Booker prize in 2013?

From where did Pasta originate?

Who has scored the most goals in the Barclyas Premier League history?

Who has to his credit the highest rating points in chess history?

In which James Bond film did Indian tennis player 'Vijay Amritraj" act?

Till 1896 India was the only producer of what?

Cumulus and Stratus are types of what?

With which Indian scientist did Albert Einstein work?

Which of the following Mammals lays egg?

In which country did the the volcano "Eyjafjallajökull" erupt in 2010 causing disruption in air travel in Europe?

With whom does Virat Kohli share the record of "Fastest to 5000 ODI Runs"?

With which band is Mick Jagger associated?

When this company ranked No1 in "Worlds most valuable companies" list, no other company in history had such a high value. Which company are we talking about?

Who car company is the parent company of "Bugatti"?

How many Olympic gold medals has the Indian Hockey Team won?

Which is the largest food and beverage company in the world by net revenue?

Who was imprisoned in Robben Island?

Which musician is the highest selling individual artist of all time?

Which is the odd one out?


This is a General Knowledge quiz which consists of questions from all the fields. It has easy everyday interesting questions about which you may have heard of but cannot remember. This can help you enhance your quizzing abilities. Hope this quiz helps you and enjoy the quiz.


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