Jewish Vocabulary Online Test

What does encumbered mean?

Which sentences best describes waiflike?

What does perilous mean?

Which best desribes mysticism?

What does Talmud mean?

What is a cabalist?

Which definition best fits for the word indulgently?

What does lorries mean?

What is a deportees?

What does Zionism mean?

Which answer choice best explains the definition of billeted?

What does farce mean?

What is the definition of grim?

What does anecdotes mean?

What does firmament mean.

Which answer choice gives the best definition of expound?

What does premonition mean?

Which of the following answer choices is the correct definition of treatise?

What is the definition of haggard?

What does dregs mean?

What is the definition of knapsacks?

What does truncheons mean?

What does abominable mean?


This test is based off of the book night by Eli Wessel. This vocabulary will help you understand the jewish language and vocabulary. You can use your book for this test. Try your very best. This is not a timed test. This will help you better your understanding of each word. It will help you throughout reading the book.


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