GATE Life Sciences Exam Practice paper - 1 (BioChemistry) Online Test

Which one of the following statements is TRUE when a cell is kept in a hypotonic


Which one of the following amino acids has a higher propensity for cis peptide bond


The order n for a given substrate concentration in an enzyme catalyzed reaction following

Michaelis-Menten kinetics, is

During the biosynthesis of urea in the urea cycle, the two nitrogen atoms are derived from

An enzyme has two binding sites for an inhibitor molecule. When the inhibitor binds to the

first site, the dissociation constant of the inhibitor for the second site increases, leading to

negative co-operativity. The Hill coefficient for such an inhibitor is

In different types of tissue transplantations, the rate of graft rejection in decreasing order is

Which one of the following amino acid residues is specifically recognised by chymotrypsin

during peptide bond cleavage?

Arrange the following in the increasing order of amount of ATP generated by metabolism

of one molecule of the following compounds.

(i) Anaerobic catabolism of starch with 300 glucose units

(ii) Aerobic catabolism of glucose

(iii) Aerobic catabolism of acetate

(iv) Aerobic catabolism of palmitate

An enzyme of 40 kDa is added to a substrate solution in a molar ratio of 1:3. The

concentration of the enzyme in the mixture is 12 mg/ml. What would be the corresponding

substrate concentration?

A patient suffering from pneumonia and tuberculosis was found to have very low CD4+ T

cells. In all probability the PRIMARY causative infectious agent belongs to


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