UCTIT- Word Online Test

10. Which software is not using to create document.

9. To view the document as it will appear on the printed page, use .......

8. To split text into 2 or more columns...use

7. To create a large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph, use .......

6. To paste values or formatting. Click....

5. To insert ready -made shapes

4. Which is insert ghosted text behind the content on the page

2. The content in this will appear at the top of each printed page.

3. Which is copy formatting from one place and apply it to another

1. Which one you can add to your Office documents to create decorative effects, such as shadowed or mirrored (reflected) text.


This sample questions you can use for practicing UCTIT practical test in Sri lanka. This UCTIT Certification test is aimed at assessing whether a person has the basic Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge and skills required in a typical working environment.

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