GATE Computer Science Exam Practice paper - 3 Online Test

The simplified SOP (Sum of Product) form of the Boolean expression (P + Q + R).(P + Q + R).(P + Q + R) is

The minimum number of D flip-flops needed to design a mod-258 counter is

A thread is usually defined as a ‘light weight process’ because an operating system (OS) maintains smaller data structures for a thread than for a process. In relation to this, which of the followings is TRUE?

The order of an internal node in a B+ tree index is the maximum number of children it can have. Suppose that a child pointer takes 6 bytes, the search field value takes 14 bytes, and the block size is 512 bytes. What is the order of the internal node?

The lexical analysis for a modern computer language such as Java needs the power of which one of the following machine models in a necessary and sufficient sense?

Consider a hypothetical processor with an instruction of type LW R1, 20(R2), which during execution reads a 32-bit word from memory and stores it in a 32-bit register R1. The effective address of the memory location is obtained by the addition of constant 20 and the contents of register R2. Which of the following best reflects the addressing mode implemented by this instruction for the operand in memory?

What does the following fragment of C-program print?

( )

char c “GATE2011?;

char *p =c;

printf (“%s”, p+p [3] – p [1]) ;

In a compiler, keywords of a language are recognized during

Let the time taken to switch between user and kernel modes of execution be t1 while the time taken to switch between two processes be t2. Which of the following is TRUE?

A computer handles several interrupt sources of which the following are relevant for this question.

Interrupt from CPU temperature sensor

Interrupt from Mouse

Interrupt from Keyboard

Interrupt from Hard Disk


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