CAT Qunatitative Aptitude Practice Paper-3 online Test

A farmer bought some mules at Rs 50 each, sheep at Rs 40 each, goats at Rs20 each and pigs at Rs 10 each. The average price of animals per head workedto Rs 30. How many goats did he buy?

A train 150mts long passes a telegraph post in 12 secs. In what time will itpass a bridge of 250 mts long?

A single tennis tournament is held in which 30 men participate. In a Knockouttournament how many matches are required to determine the winner?

A reduction of 10% in the price of Sugar enables a man to buy 6.2kgs of Sugarmore for Rs 279. Find the reduced and the actual price of Sugar per kg.

A person has to make a journey of 72 kms. He rides a bicycle at 12kmph.After going a certain distance the bicycle is punctured and he walks theremaining distance at 4 ½kmph. Find when the bicycle is punctured if the totaltime for the journey is 4 ½ hrs

By selling 200 chikkis, a seller gains the selling price of 40 chikkis. The gainof seller is

A farmer had 1798 sheeps and 986 lambs. He forms those flocks, keepingsheep and lamb separate and having the same number of animals in each flock.If these flocks are as large as possible. How many flocks will be there in all

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siddhartha mohapatra

I found issues with 3 of the questions -
Q5. Total time of journey should be 9 instead of 4.5
Q6. Option should be 25%
Q7. Option 1 ( ie; 48) should be the correct answer.

2721 days 7 hours 55 minutes ago

Saurav Jain

7th question answer shall be 48.... 31 Flocks of sheep and 17 flocks of lambs, each of 58 number of animals in it....

2886 days 8 hours 18 minutes ago

Saurav Jain

I guess answer for question 6 of 7 is 25%.... if 24% is correct as per author, please provide explanation

2886 days 8 hours 39 minutes ago

Navin Kumar

question 5 of 7 is wrong.
total taken for traveling the distance when the bicycle is not punctured is 72/12=6hrs
but the total time given is 4.5 hrs (when man has to walk some distance when his bicycle is punctured) which is not possible.

2892 days 10 hours 9 minutes ago

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