GATE Mechanical Exam Practice paper - 1 Online Test

For a long slender column of uniform cross section, the ratio of critical buckling load for the case

with both ends clamped to the case with both ends hinged is

A CNC vertical milling machine has to cut a straight slot of 10 mm width and 2 mm depth by a

cutter of 10 mm diameter between points (0, 0) and (100, 100) on the XY plane (dimensions in mm).

The feed rate used for milling is 50 mm/min. Milling time for the slot (in seconds) is

Which one of the following is NOT a decision taken during the aggregate production planning


A thin walled spherical shell is subjected to an internal pressure. If the radius of the shell is

increased by 1% and the thickness is reduced by 1%, with the internal pressure remaining the same,

the percentage change in the circumferential (hoop) stress is

The following are the data for two crossed helical gears used for speed reduction:

Gear I : Pitch circle diameter in the plane of rotation 80 mm and helix angle 30º

Gear II : Pitch circle diameter in the plane of rotation 120 mm and helix angle 22.5º

If the input speed is 1440 rpm, the output speed in rpm is

During normalizing process of steel, the specimen is heated

In abrasive jet machining, as the distance between the nozzle tip and the work surface increases, the

material removal rate


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