CAT Qunatitative Aptitude Practice Paper-2 online Test

The cost price of 90 apples is equal to the selling price of 60 apples. Find the Percentage profit?

• Shyam bought a total of 30 set top boxes and TV sets for Rs 500000. He then sold 75% of the set top boxes and 5 TV set for a profit of Rs 50000. Each set top box was marked up by 20% over cost and each TV set was sold at a profit of Rs 5000. The remaining set top boxes and 5 TV sets couldn’t be sold. What is Shyam’s overall loss (approx.)?

Divide Rs.1064 into three parts in such a way that 1/2 of the first part, 1/4 of the second part and 1/8 of the third part are equal. Find value of all the parts.

A man can row a boat up the stream in 225 minutes; he can row the same boat downstream in 20 minutes less than he can row it in still water. How long would he take to row down the stream?

Find the sum of all possible distinct remainders which are obtained when squares of prime numbers are divided by 6.

Which of the following must be true, if A is any composite number and B is any prime number?

Karunya is given a series by his younger brother to taunt him but instead he solved the problem owing to his good practice. The series is: S = 8 + 88 + 888 +…up to 20 terms.

2 taps are opened simultaneously to fill up a water tank, their individual timings being 8 and 12 hours respectively. When the tank is supposed to be full, it is found that there is a leak at the bottom of the tank due to which only 2/3 of the tank volume is filled. How much total time will it take to fill up the tank if the leak is sealed off after the detection?

In a coal mining company, the workmen are divided into 2 groups S and F based on their rate of working. 4 from S and 8 from F complete a specific task in 10 days. The same task is completed by 6 from S and 3 from F in 8 days. How much time will 1 from each group together take to complete the same task?

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guys I find Quantitative very very hard

1531 days 2 hours 25 minutes ago

Gaurav Patharkar

Question 5 , anyone?

1665 days 3 hours 26 minutes ago

Sundram Mishra

in a class, 2/5th of students are girl and rest of boys. a physics exam was conducted the class. half of boys passed in exam and 12 girl failed in the exam.if no of student passed in the exam is 30 , how many student in the class
may i get help..?

1681 days 7 hours 26 minutes ago


q2 anyone?

1725 days 15 hours 50 minutes ago


I think your answer for question 3 is not correct.I think the correct answer for this question will be option 4.

1960 days 7 hours 59 minutes ago


Can you explain how to solve question 7&8

2433 days 15 hours 4 minutes ago


any questions do you want to ask me?

2627 days 7 hours 48 minutes ago


hello i am ms alice marshall i am a maths teacher in collage

2627 days 7 hours 48 minutes ago


Question 2 anyone??

2711 days 11 hours 18 minutes ago


Answer for 3rd question is wrong. It should be option 4

2860 days 23 hours ago

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