Miscellaneous Test (Make your Brand....course) - 9

If a website's search engine saturation with respect to a particular search engine is 20%, what does it mean?

10 people do a web search. In response, they see links to a variety of web pages. Three of the 10 people choose one particular link. That link then has a __________ click through rate.

Which of the following factors have an impact on the Google Page Rank?

What does the 301-server response code signify?

If you enter 'Help site: www.go4expert.com’ in the Google search box, what will Google search for?

What term is commonly used to describe the shuffling of positions in search engine results in between major updates?

What does the 302-server response code signify?

Which of the following is an illegal way of SEO?

Which is not a keyword tool you will find in Adwords Editor?

What is the maximum number of characters allowed in an ad title?


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