Miscellaneous Test (Make your Brand....course) - 8

Which of the following is a correct declaration?

Which of the following vairables are supported by 'str_replace()' function?

Which of the following statement is not correct for PHP?

The following php variables are declared:

$company = 'ABS Ltd';

$$company = ',Sydney';

Which of the following is not a correct way of printing 'ABS Ltd,Sydney'?

Which of the following is not supported in PHP5?

In your PHP application you need to open a file. You want the application to issue a warning and continue execution, in case the file is not found. The ideal function to be used is:

Which of the following is a PHP resource?

Search engine optimization is a process of _______ of a website or a webpage in a search engine’s search result.

SEO is to improve the volume and _______ to a website from search engine

Serving different version of a page to search engine and to human visitors is called _______ SEO.


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