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A normal pulse rate for an adult female is 110 beats per minute.

When a miscarrying woman has stable vital signs, a waiting period of ____ weeks has been shown by recent studies to be prudent management.

A miscarriage is a loss of pregnancy without intervention prior to __________weeks gestation.

Soaking through two Kotex pads in one hour is considered a heavy blood loss both post partum and during a miscarriage.

When someone is bleeding too much you would expect the BP to fall and the pulse to rise.

Bedrest, salty broths/soups, taking vitamins and protein are recommended after a miscarriage.

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Test for AAMI students taking "Miscarriage" class with Gloria Lemay. Please view the class recording before taking the test. Miscarriage is a part of midwifery care and knowing what is normal (physically) for the miscarrying woman will help you to keep miscarriage at home and lead to healthier outcomes.

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